The Picture

The Picture

(In loving memory of my son, Aaron Kistner: 11/4/76 – 7/3/95)

It is my favorite picture of you son,
the one I treasure most
since your passing.

A simple snapshot,
taken at the airport,
upon your return
from having run the New York City Marathon.

A gentle, triumphant smile,
eyes beaming behind those ‘cool’ shades,
jacket sleeves rolled in casual hip-ness,
bag thrown carefree over your shoulder,
medal dangling proudly from your strong neck.

The victor: gentle, cool, hip, carefree, proud, and strong,
– fiercely handsome!

How profound this captured moment proved to be.

Taken just before the finish line of your 18 years,
it said it all.

Your race is run,
your bag is packed,
your reward’s in hand.

Fly my sweet angel – fly!

rob kistner © 7/3/05


4 Responses to “The Picture”

  1. Beautiful!!

  2. There can be untold sweetness, even infinite happiness in tears. Your poem captures the sacred, inner sanctum of such a beauty!

    Smiles and Light

  3. Chris –

    Thank you!

  4. Gemma –

    When I visit with Aaron in my heart these days, I feel my love for him well up so powerfully that only tears can express it. It is an incredible release and expression of my love — to cry. In those moments of tear shed I feel his spirit so very close and real. Those are precious moments!

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