Triumph “the Bonneville variety”



This is a very different kind of Triumph, a British motorcycle manufactured originally in Coventry. It was a dual-carb, 650cc ‘burner’ that held the world’s absolute speed record for motorcycles from 1955 until 1970. It handled and cornered better than any motorcycle of its time, and was especially superior to the American made Harley Davidson. The only temperamental aspect of the Triumph was its Lucas electronics, but I maintained mine well and had no problems.

I owned a 1966 model (that was mine pictured above) that eventually took me across the United States in 1970, on a year-long adventure I will never forget! Below is a brief excerpt from a short story I wrote of this incredible journey, which I shared with my three best friends at that time. To read the complete short story, go here.


(an excerpt)

“Leaning comfortably into the turns, breeze streaming through our long hair, we wind our way into the mountains, into the evening, alive with the two-wheeled freedom of the open road, not counting days, not keeping track, just being – free!

We glide between alternating shadow and light, as the sun reveals itself, from time to time, warming us from between the peaks, as it begins to settle behind the western slope of the Rockies.

Four friends, four adventurers — we’d thrown off the structured mantle of life, to venture into the random, the unknown, and embrace the magnificent perfection of living in, and for, the moment.”

• • •

rob kistner © 2008



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2 Responses to “Triumph “the Bonneville variety”

  1. Fun take on triumph!

  2. About the best of Brit bikes, without a doubt!

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