Stir of Love

Stir of Love

He has kept it locked for so long. The horror of that night holds the seal tight. The memory riveted, securely barring any possible entry. None can pass. His bitter resolve makes certain none will try.

This is a dark and forbidden place – high-walled, cold and empty. Barren, unyielding, unable to support life… the wasteland of the lost, inhabited by the dead. The gate grown over by the tangle of grief and anger — there is but merciless memory of a once vital presence, of a living breath, of warmth, of joy… forever gone.

Brutal night has fallen long ago, that no sun can penetrate – and the blackness soothes him. He retreats into its depths, embraces its lightless void – hiding, sulking. Shielded from any possibility of further pain or remorse – unfeeling… lifeless.

And yet, a shadow now falls across the threshold. Someone approaches. A being, warm and alive – threatens to breach his hardened fortress.

This lovely, fragile creature can not possibly gain entrance. He will resist, he must! This is wrong, this is trespass! This is cruel betrayal of his lost beloved. He has no right to leave this place of sorrow and step into the light… no right!

But it now seems inevitable; his stronghold is succumbing to this delicate advance. He is vulnerable, and terrified, but it is useless to resist.

Searching with a patient heart, she has found it — the key. Grasped in her loving hand, fingers tenderly enfold it.

Gently, she slides it into the lock, turning with great care. He is defenseless. He feels his heart slowly open, and the long forgotten stir of love, begin to warm his soul.

rob kistner © 2007


~ by Image&VerseToo on September 25, 2007.

39 Responses to “Stir of Love”

  1. Searching with a patient heart, she has found it — the key. Grasp in her loving hand, fingers tenderly enfold it.

    ‘Gently, she slides it into the lock, turning with great care. He is defenseless. He feels his heart slowly open, and the long forgotten stir of love, begin to warm his soul.’

    This brought a tear to my eye. A lovely piece of work.

  2. I can so relate Rob. This is very tender and romantic.

  3. Jo –

    Thank you for you kind words! 😉

  4. Brian –

    Thank you! 😉

    This piece is a bit autobiographical…

  5. Very very beautiful. Love can unlock anything.

  6. Hi Rob! I was so moved by the light, healing and transformation that love brings in this –the journey of being birthed back into life, after such darkness and despair. Wow. Deeply beautiful. I got lots of tears in my eyes.

  7. the long forgotten stir of love, begin to warm his soul.

    nice. i like!

  8. oh Rob, I couldn’t relate to this more, extremely well written, and by far the best I have read this time on the island.
    I almost had something similar up some time back
    Thanks for sharing

  9. How wonderful – a second chance for love. Beautifully-written, Rob!

  10. Rob, what more can I say. This is a tender and loving poem. I can feel the warmth of love-found once again in your words. It reminds me of CS Lewis’ book, “Surprised By Joy”. I wish this poem for all of us here on your island. Wonderful!


  11. How sweet! Surrender to love is a good thing…

  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… sweet and lovely. Thank you for sharing this piece, Rob. Wonderful!

  13. oh my word… through tears I have read your
    words and wish I could express those feelings
    as well as you do… I certainly know where
    you’re coming from… sadly!

    I hope it’s true and your wall was not so
    impenetrable that you can love again…

  14. Gautami –

    Thank you! 😉

    …yes, love can set you free.

  15. Clare –

    Thank you for your very kind words… 😉

    Not all are fortunate enough to meet someone capable of the patient love required to bring someone back from bitterness.

  16. Ther –

    Thank you! 😉

  17. Rambler –

    You are too gracious — thank you… 😉

    I am humbled.

  18. Tara –

    Thank you very much… 😉

    Everyone is worthy of a second chance where love is concerned.

  19. Melanie –

    How very gracious you are — thank you…

    Please always think of Writers Island as ‘our’ island… 😉

  20. Tumblewords –

    Surrender is essential to love being present — but so very difficult… especially in the face of prior love lost.

  21. Hedwyg –

    I genuinely appreciate your kind words… 😉

  22. Ann –

    You are gracious… 😉

    Yes, I have been given the gift of a second chance at love — and it has grown deeper and more meaningful with each passing year… 20 in all so far, and many more to come.

  23. Rob, this is so beautiful… and you know these words, from the inside out. Thank you for sharing this treasure of courage and heart…

  24. Lea –

    Thank you… 😉

    A truly wonderful writer once gave me a bit of advice, “write what you know” he said… it’s brilliant counsel.

  25. hi rob,
    what a touching story of love the second time around. thank you for sharing this. and thank you for bringing us all towards the writer’s island! 🙂

  26. Odessa –

    Thank you… 😉

    …and you are most welcome. I am pleased the island has been embraced. We all now have an additional place to meet and share.

  27. Beautiful – what more can one say?

  28. Redness –

    Thank you… 😉

  29. Hi Rob – I am up late trying to finish up reading all the entries this week. Still waiting for the muse to show up – taking your wise advice and just keeping the pen moving across the page no matter what nonsense ends up coming out!

    You mentioned you write what you know – I am so happy that you have been blessed with love!

  30. Kimberley –

    Thank you for your sentiments… 😉

    I have regrettably fallen way behind reading the truly superb interpretations of the prompts being created by our fellow islanders. There’s some really great ‘stuff’.

  31. I hope to have this some day.



  32. That is beautiful, Rob. There are no wounds love and a little time can not heal. You continue to amaze and inspire me with your undaunted courage to lay your soul bare on paper.

  33. Rose –

    May all your wishes come true… 😉

  34. Herb –

    Thank you!

    This is an indelible memory of a very difficult time — now passed. I am blessed by the love of a wonderful woman and caring children! 😉

    Once the heart is mended, and the soul is healed, the sharing gives meaning and purpose to the pain. It is my humanity reaching out in the hope I might shine a light for someone else caught in darkness.

  35. Perfect rendition of the situation, Rob…

  36. Spacedlaw –

    Hello, and thank you… 😉

    Nice to see you on the island!

  37. I finally made it: good thing it is an island and not a boat !

  38. Oh Rob, this/you left me breathless…
    what a beauty!


  39. Jo(sie) –

    You are most gracious… thank you! 😉

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