A Moment

A Moment

a forest clearing

soft filtered sunlight

high breezes whisper
as nature echoes

downed douglas slumbers
snug in a moss blanket
a moist embrace

heady pleasance abounds

life aligned
for a moment

rob kistner © 2007


~ by Image&VerseToo on October 5, 2007.

18 Responses to “A Moment”

  1. The whole scene is beautifully set and’life aligned for a moment’ is a lovely prospect.

  2. a lovely vision – yes, a lovely vision

  3. downed douglas slumbers
    snug in a moss blanket
    a moist embrace

    What a beautiful image. It captures the magic of the rain forest beautifully.

  4. Robin said what I think better than I would have said it.

  5. I know where to come for some Rest & Relaxation now when life gets hectic – it’s so peaceful here – I loved ‘A Moment.’

  6. only YOU could make a lovely scene in a forest seem ‘sexy”! let me go get a cold washcloth… 🙂

  7. Ah, if we would just take a moment…

  8. Life always feels perfectly aligned with you are one with nature. Great poem!

  9. Being one with nature! That how I felt after reading it…

  10. Jo –

    I’m pleased it captured you… thank you for your kind words! 😉


  11. Tumblewords –

    Thank you!


  12. Robin –

    You are very gracious — I appreciate it… 😉


  13. Ray –

    Thank you!


  14. Barbara –

    Please visit anytime… I’m pleased this piece touched you! 😉


  15. Lucy –

    There is great sensuality in the natural world, if we stop to observe it… 😉


  16. Just Jen –

    Yes, just a moment — from time to time! How much more in tune we could all be with the world and the peoples around us — the incredible natural gifts we’ve been given, and how precious and amazing they really are… 😉

    So many people are looking for a paradise somewhere else, when we live in a paradise right now — if we would simply wake up to it. We’ve been blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, beauty, and personally sustaining elements — all that this world, and we who live on it, would ever need to thrive.

    So many of us, however, sleep-walk right through this world, unable to see, blinded by things like greed, ego, prejudice — and thus, abuse and lay waste to our wonderful world, owing to their lack of true vision. We have fallen out of the natural balance. It is sad. 😦


  17. Herb –

    Thank you… glad you liked this simple piece. 😉

    Yes, one with nature! As I wrote above to Jen — modern man has lost that oneness, and we and our world are suffering as a result.

    We have created such an impenetrable cocoon of creature comforts and technologies to surround us — too many are completely losing touch with the natural world. It’s an extremely dangerous situation, this desensitized imbalance.


  18. Gautami –

    I am pleased this piece put you in touch with our natural world… that was my hope. 😉

    We all need to be much more aware and in touch — especially at this very precarious moment in the history of the world.


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