We are entering our Autumn season here in the Pacific Northwest. This is when our cycle of renewal begins for nature and agriculture here in the Willamette Valley. The summer’s dry period comes to an end, and the irrigation of the fields is over.

Much of the harvesting wraps in autumn, including the harvesting of the grapes in our many vineyards. The soil is left to recover, the fruit and nut trees, the vines in the vineyards, and much of the agriculture begins the slow period of winter recovery and renewal for the coming growth seasons.

Oregon is one of the largest suppliers of Christmas trees and holly in the country, and the rains plump these holiday icons, renewing their sparkle, readying them for harvest.

The wild nature also enters a period of recovery and renewal. The grasses gone brown seek the nurturing rains. The conifer’s have dropped their cones. The trees which produce leaves have shed theirs entering this period of rest and renewal.

Streams whose water levels have dropped considerably now come to new life as the rains refresh their flow, and Fall King and Chinook salmon begin to run. Other fish become active as the waters rise and cool. Spawning begins.

Autumn into winter is a peaceful time of renewal here — a quiet time in a beautiful region. The life-renewing rains begin, and a regenerative calm lays upon the lush land, as the sky waters quench nature’s thirst, and rejuvenate her energies.



as the gardener shades her tend
bending close to nourish and protect

so too nature stoops to embrace and refresh
her pacific northwest paradise
her autumn shadow upon the land

she leans down
and lets flow life-giving waters
to enrich this lush realm

she covers her beloved eden

a soft blanket of moist cloud

a shelter from harsh winter
to insure spring’s rich bounty

abundant fruits
and nuts

hill-climbing vineyards


towering trees
too numerous to imagine

endless grasses
and flowers

soon made succulent by winter waters

mountain streams
valley rivers
swollen with migrating fish


they journey home
fresh waters of new birth

birds and animals
flock and gather

embraced by this season
of quiet renewal

in step and harmony
with this cycle
they too will welcome spring
with plentiful new life

a sustaining love
this affair


nurtured to witness
the eventual spring

nature’s unswaddled glory


rob kistner © 2007



• Oregon Autumn rain on conifer needles
• Autumn at Sokol Blosser Vineyards, Willamette Valley Oregon
• Sockeye salmon, Deschutes River, Oregon
• Autumn Cascade Mountain Lake, Oregon


~ by Image&VerseToo on October 6, 2007.

70 Responses to “Renewal”

  1. Beautiful pictures and verse Rob. A sense of the coming of winter’s rest and gathering of stores needed.

  2. beatuiful Rob! My oldest son wants to move to Oregon next year! NOw I SEE why.

  3. I so enjoyed reading what you had to say about Oregon. Beautiful pictures and your poem is of the high standard I have come to expect of you.

  4. Love the picture of the vineyard. The words are perfect.



  5. I love the interplay between the gardner and that which she is tending (or that which is tending her). Wonderful poem and images. Peace, JP/deb

  6. Brian –

    Thank you… 😉

  7. Lucy –

    Thank you… 😉

    Your son would find this place quite wonderful!

  8. Rose –

    Isn’t the photo of the perfect rows of vines almost surrealistic… but that is how the hillsides look as you drive around the Oregon wine country here is Yamhill county.

    Thank you for your kind words… 😉

  9. Gill –

    You are most gracious… 😉

  10. JP/deb –

    Nature is the consummate ‘gardener’.

    Thank you for the compliment… 😉

  11. and as i sit here in the still dry brown barren mountains of northern california.. i welcome the possibility of rain,, and renewal here,, something we really only see in the winter around here…….

  12. Breathtaking, both the images and your words. Few places can match the natural wonders of the PNW this time of year.

  13. whoa, this series of photos and poetry really get it. Renewal at it’s finest. Now I want to see the Pacific Northwest again. I loved it there.

  14. Beautiful Rob, both poetry and photo’s…
    really enjoyed this one…


  15. a sustaining love affair it is. Beautiful words and pictures
    You live in a nice place on earth

  16. Paisley –

    The regenerative rains will come… 😉

  17. I love Oregon. the waterfalls and the volcanoes, I love the Columbia and the Willamette, the mossy trees and rooftops. I love the week-end markets, the music and the flowers, fruits and vegetables. The people, mostly comfortable in their own skins, and laid back. The flower baskets along every street. The pizza. the bookstores. I could go on and on.

    I loved your post, and the pictures….

  18. Herb –

    Thank you my friend… 😉

    I love this part of our wonderful planet!

  19. Gillian –

    Thank you… 😉

    You should come again.

  20. Jo –

    Thank you — I’m pleased you liked this… 😉

  21. Pepek –

    Oregon is a bit of a wonderland.

    Thank you for your kind words… 😉

  22. Marja –

    Thank you very much… 😉

    I do love it here in the PNW!

  23. “they too will welcome spring
    with plentiful new life”

    very beautiful..

    I have not seen much of the states, but of the places I have been oregon in fall was something I will never forget..
    I have loads of pictures on my disk, and millions more in my mind..
    It was indeed a renewal.

  24. Rambler –

    Thank you… 😉

    You should share your Oregon pictures someday on your blog.

  25. Hi Rob — thank you so much for these incredibly beautiful words and photos — my soul drank them in and feels wonderfully renewed!

  26. Clare –

    You are most welcome… 😉

  27. This is beautifully penned and illustrated…..I enjoyed it so much. The other Jo

  28. Totally breathtaking Rob, thank you!

  29. Jo (the other) –

    Thank you very much… 😉

  30. Redness –

    You are totally welcome… 😉

    I’m pleased it captured you.

  31. That was a delight, both the words and the picture. Liked th intro too. THis is one great prompt!

  32. A glorious treat for the eyes, and wonderful poetic message for the soul. I am truly refreshed and renewed 🙂

  33. Gautami –

    I am very pleased you enjoyed this… and thank you for your kind words! 😉

  34. Becca –

    I am glad I could offer you a refreshing respite… 😉

    I appreciate your kind words!

  35. I read your piece while listening to Van Morrison’s calming spiritual hymns….a compilation of his beautiful celtic best. Your words fit so warmly with the tunes. I feel nourished.

    I can’t imagine living in a place where the four seasons live with us in harmony…….where our own instinctive renewal blends with nature’s.

    Ok……now I really have to get to work. Your word pictures will journey with me today, Rob. Thank you. What a great island this is turning out to be!!

  36. oooops………..of course I meant to write that I couldn’t imagine living in a place where the seasons weren’t in line with us……I love all the seasons for what they offer my own soul.

  37. Wow! The essay, the photos, and the poem all captured my imagination. Totally beautiful.

  38. Awareness –

    Van’s “Inarticulate Speech of the Heart” is a brilliant album… and if I’m feeling down, or losing my grip — a few times around on the magnificent poetry of that album — and I am delivered, I am truly renewed!

    I’m pleased I was able to lift your spirit… 😉

  39. Awareness –

    Nature’s season’s reflect the phases of our spirit, just as the phases of our spirit reflect nature’s seasons — it is a beautiful and eternal dance.

  40. MariaCristina –

    Thank you… 😉

    I am glad you were lifted up!

  41. Rob your creative descriptive words fill me with awe. You are such a talent writer and I am so glad to be able to read your poetry. It is so strange that we all saw renewal in so many ways. Awesome my friend….


  42. BD –

    The variety is to be expected — that’s the magic and beauty of the individual spirit we all possess… 😉

    Thank you for your most gracious words!

  43. Bellisimo!!! This is prose and poetry at its finest. I so enjoyed this journey of renewal.

  44. Rob – this is beautifully written. There is no one line I can pull out as a favorite – that would be doing the whole an injustice. I can say that reading this, I miss the beauty of living in Sonoma.

  45. Melissa –


    You make me blush… 😉

    I’m pleased you enjoyed this piece…

  46. Mark –

    Thank you for the very gracious compliment!

    I was employed by Lucasfilm LTD in the late 90’s while having my residence in Oregon. They kept a room for me in San Rafael, so I spent many a wonderful time in Sonoma. I loved the Sonoma Plaza and the little restaurants and shops that surrounded it!

  47. Glorious tribute! The first line is amazing. Lovely and vivid. Great read!

  48. Tumblewords –

    Thank you fro your enthusiastic kindness… 😉

  49. And the juncos are back in my Portland yard.

  50. deb –

    That would be the Oregon Junco (Junco hyemalis oreganus) to be precise… 😉

    Pretty little sparrow…

  51. Very beautiful photos and words to go with it. I lived in the Williamette Valley for a short time during one winter. I was so cold! But you do have a bounty of beauty.

  52. What a beautiful corner of the world, and beautiful words to describe it.

  53. Mary –

    Thank you… 😉

    I love the natural beauty here.

    You say you were cold here in the Willamette Valley in the winter? You must have been here during a very strange winter. The average low temperature here in winter is 39-40 degrees, compared to 16-17 degrees there in Aurora where you live.

  54. Robin –

    Thank you for your kind words… 😉

  55. Stunning visuals. Beautiful words. No wonder we want to move to Oregon when we retire in a few years.

  56. AnnieElf –

    Thank you very much…

    There is so much to do and see in this state — you’ll love it…
    however, what we Oregonians are supposed to say when we hear someone wants to move here is, “Oh, you might not like it here, it rains ALL the time!” 😉

  57. Your words transported me to paradise and a deep sense of beauty, bounty, and love of the land that cradles you. Thank you for this gift of words and image.

  58. Lea –

    I’m pleased this piece reached you… 😉

    Thank you, and you are most welcome!

  59. Beautiful post, Rob.

    I have never been to Oregon, I pine for it from a far. It is one of the first trips I will made after my treatments are finished and i can once again drive and fly. ahhh, freedom at my fingertips!

  60. Beautiful words Rob! Nature has a wonderful way of showing us the renewal of life. And the picture with the raindrops is pretty awesome too!

  61. Kimberley –

    Thank you! I trust your traveling days come very soon! 😉

  62. Gilson –

    Thank you very much… isn’t nature magical and grand!

  63. I adore this post, you’ve captured the essence of nature perfectly.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your thoughts 🙂
    PEace, Kai

  64. Kai –

    Thank you! 😉 You are most gracious…

    You are welcome… I enjoyed my visit.

  65. That was lovely and refreshing. A renewed feeling for sure. I loved the photograph of the raindrops

  66. UL –

    Thank you very much, I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

    Are the droplets mesmerizing… 😉

  67. WoW!! Prose, poetry, *and* gorgeous, relevant photos…. I’ll say it backwards… WoW!!

  68. Magical photos that show that autumn in the Pacific Northwest can be as amazing as back east. You just need to do a little exploring.

  69. LaVeda –

    You humble me with your enthusiasm… but I thank you! 😉

    I am very pleased you enjoyed this piece.

  70. Andrea –

    That is so true.

    I was casually driving through some residential streets here in Portland and the trees were live with colorful fire. It is my plan to capture a few photos today, if at all possible, to share here on my blog.

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