so many times
I looked tenderly upon you
filled with love

with admiration

unceasing gratitude
for who you were in my life

for how you wrapped our children
in the cocoon of your heart

freeing them to fly
when ready were their wings

for your gentle way
that drew our friends close
holding fast
harbored in your kindness

but years numbered
one upon the next

I remained all too mute

until fate carried you
beyond the sound
of my longing voice

would that I had a bottle
to carry my words
across the ocean of time

over the horizon of death

to tell you the 10,000 things
I said too seldom in your life

rob kistner © 2007




~ by Image&VerseToo on October 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Unspoken”

  1. Another excellent take on the prompt … lovely poem. Peace, JP/deb

  2. Rob, very touching. Realizing the regret, but not until proper tribute was paid, excellent.

  3. JP/deb –

    Thank you… 😉

  4. Dan –

    Thank you… 😉

    I’m pleased the piece moved you!

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