keeps dark at bay
pressing in

a night wind stirs

mocking the breath
of life now lost
to the light-less realm
beyond this chill
encircling me

no emotion here
save grief

a broken stair
a grasp-less hand
an ankle bent
held-oranges spilled

a distant siren wails

but no voice came
to her futile cry

the moon caresses
that tender neck
once softly kissed

now broken

those lips
will not know again
sweet fruit

nor love

blackness presses in

rob kistner © 2007


photo collage entitled: The Passing – by: rob kistner © 2007



~ by Image&VerseToo on October 26, 2007.

40 Responses to “Lost”

  1. Rob, you have such an incredible talent for entwining heartbreak and beauty. Such a sadly beautiful poem, celebrating love in loss. An utterly amazing piece of writing!

  2. Herb –

    You are always very gracious… I appreciate your enduring support and kind words!

    I believe my melancholy muse sparks the part of my soul that is most authentically me.


  3. Your poem.
    The artwork on your blog.
    Your spirit.
    All combine to create a happening.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Not much I read makes me cry. This did.

  5. Rob,
    A way to ease the ravages of grief by seeing the beauty that was, and remembering. That’s all we can ask for from this life; to be remembered!

  6. Frances –

    You are most welcome, and most kind… 😉

  7. Betty C. —

    I’m pleased you were moved.

  8. rel –

    …and that the remembering springs from love we knew while here in this temporal plane…

  9. Well done Rob, you say so much with such well-placed words. “those lips will not know again sweet fruit”–such a powerful wrenching line. The end means so much is given up.

  10. So sad and yet so beautiful

  11. Matthew –

    Thank you for your generous compliment.

    In the end, we who survive, long for the simplest of pleasures to be shared again, just one more time, with our beloved departed.

  12. Gill –

    You are so kind… thank you! 😉

  13. such a moving poem… it touches the readers to the heart.

  14. Liza –

    Thank you for your gracious words!

  15. and we as a nation would say…”help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up!!!!!”

    such a situation made light of,, even laughable.. when the truth is ever so sobering… excellent piece…

  16. Paisley –

    Personal sanity frequently dictates we find a way to soften, what may be to the person involved, a terrifying, even life altering situation.

    Thank you for the kind words!

  17. Touching words, Rob! This is one of the most beautiful pieces I ever read. I especially liked the part:

    “of life now lost
    to the light-less realm
    beyond this chill
    encircling me”

    It speaks for itself.
    Thanks for sharing this very fine poem!

  18. but no voice came
    to her futile cry

    How devastatingly sad. I almost can’t bear it.

  19. Overwhelmingly sad and painful. Overwhelmingly beautiful. My eyes are full of tears…

  20. How very beautifully sad. It makes my heart feel somehow broken. Masterful.

  21. As most have said before me, A very touching piece.

    Rob, thanks for your comments on my post. I truly appreciate it.

  22. Gilson –

    Thank you for your touching comments…

    I have been filled with deep sadness the past several weeks. This poem and photo collage spring from this lingering sadness.

    The collage is brand new… the free verse poem is the final writing of a piece I began earlier in 2007, around the time of year my now-deceased son Aaron was killed. I’ve mentioned his death before on my blog.

    I think I finished the writing now because this coming weekend is his birthday. He would have been 31 now, but he died at age 18 of a broken neck — in a tragic automobile accident.

    I think this piece “Lost” is actually somehow about my still unresolved issues with his death? They seem to be surfacing again rather acutely, and they’re wholly unexpected.

  23. Robin –

    The feelings that drove this poem and image are very present and deep within me… very real and extremely raw. I think that is why this piece is genuinely sad, even painful… that is how it feels to me.

  24. Tumblewords –

    I am pleased it touched you. The feelings and memories that inspired it are overwhelming, and painfully beautiful… their essence is profound love and bitter loss.

  25. Patois –

    My broken heart is in these words…

  26. Gautami –

    Thank you… and you are most welcome.

  27. The artwork is as masterful as the words…
    I’m sorry for the pain and loss you feel…

  28. Rob… I love the pic. 🙂

  29. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful.

  30. Marie –

    Thank you… 😉

    Pain reminds us we are human — and still alive!

  31. Cynthia –

    Thank you…

    It was very satisfying to create!

  32. Devil Mood –

    I appreciate your kind words!

  33. I liked your post…No emotion save grief…that really stayed with me.

  34. Joey –

    Thank you…

  35. A vividly dark poem. You captured the essence of loss. JP/deb

  36. Reminds me of Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my nightmare” Album.

    I really enjoy both Thanks.

  37. Deborah (JP) –

    I appreciate your kind words…

  38. Steve –

    Many, many years ago my band opened for Alice Cooper when they (he) was just beginning to do shows.

  39. Spooky! Both poems were incredible…your artwork also! ps: I like typing white on a black background..the letters apear like tiny ghosts! mwa hahaha!

  40. Pam –

    Thank you… and I think yo meant to post to “Haunted” 😉

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