I have included two of my poems here to celebrate the current Writers Island prompt — “Haunted!” I have included an image with each.

The first work is a brand new ‘rhymer’ I wrote entitled “Bloody Sue”, and is accompanied by a new photo collage I created entitled “Scarlett Woman”.

The second piece is a reprise of a free verse poem I wrote back in June. It’s entitled “Nocturne”, as is the black & white photo rendering. I thought this one also went well with this week’s prompt.

NOTE: There is a link below “Nocturne” that will take you to a ‘spoken word’ version of me reading the piece.





Bloody Sue

Gather close so you might hear
A tale of terror, a tale of fear

You may choose to doubt my word
But you’ve been warned once you’ve heard

Of the vengeful maiden dressed in red
7 men lured, 7 men dead

7 men drawn to this comely miss
7 souls lost to her lethal kiss

A modern legend is Bloody Sue
Her deeds of horror are bold and true

Was she from hell or from heaven’s gate
It’s certain her victims deserved their fate


The first, the banker, an avarice man
Stole dreams of others with his evil plan

To own the world, to possess the lot
Now all that’s his is a dead man’s plot

Found with coins choked down his throat
Clutched in his hand a bloody note

“To you wicked greedy, this could be you
Remember well,” signed – Bloody Sue


The second, the lawyer, a prideful sort
Lied and cheated to win in court

And bragged of his dishonest way
Until violence marked his final day

Found one morning with bashed-in head
A bloody gavel lay on his bed

“Bludgeoned here for his lies and scandal,”
Read Sue’s note, wrapped ‘round the handle


The third, the bishop, a man of lust
Molested innocence, betrayed their trust

Kept a journal of his lurid deeds
A trophy to all his prurient needs

Found slumped on his pulpit with a bloody lap
His private parts in his bishop’s cap

“Beware vile predators throughout this land!”
Sue had carved in the bishop’s hand


Fourth was the baker, a gluttoness fool
Treated his workers horribly cruel

Paid not enough to put food on their plate
While he gorged himself – he ate and ate

One day at the bakery’s opening hour
He was found buried in a vat of flour

Across the vat, fat and big,
In chocolate icing, Sue wrote – “pig”


Then came the lazy chief of police
Unsolved cases filled his valise

Crime and violence everywhere
While he snoozed in his office chair

One day shots rang loud and clear
Sue riddled the chief from ear to ear

“Get another chief and get this damned work done!”
Said the note from Sue, found by the gun


The office gossip, and his jealous way
Spread lies and rumors on the phone all day

His envy the ruin of many good names
Destroying lives with his vicious games

Sue used his phone to strangle him
And left a voice mail dire and grim

“To all who ruin a reputation
You too will die from strangulation.”


Last… the radio talk-show host
Spreading propaganda, coast to coast

Pawn of spiteful politicians
Corrupt, though acting above suspicions

Electrocuted on his live broadcast
Sue dealt justice hard and fast

She was heard to say as hot sparks flew
“Beware you haters, I’ll fry you too.”


So that’s the story of Bloody Sue
Believe it, or not – that’s up to you

A brutal beauty in scarlet cape
From her hand of vengeance there’s no escape

She will draw from you your final breath
If she marks you with her kiss of death

Some say she’s a ghost who haunts this earth
Others claim an angel, of heavenly birth

But all agree there’s one thing true
If you’re a son-of-a-bitch, she’ll come for you

rob kistner © 2007







hawk moon hangs heavy
in the damp night sky

bulbous moist pearl


in a cold chromium fog

wet slivers of cloud
smear themselves
across its face


like translucent sacks
of moonbeams


glassine billowing pillows

soaked with midnight

stars float and spark


frozen splintered crystal-tips
diamond chips
pinprick rips
in blackened space

they wink and wane
and flutter

shattered bits of silvered light
snapping here then not

behind the ghostly white
vapor that slithers
through the firmament

the world devoid of color
aglow in sterling grey
a negative of day

thick and chilled

filled with the sound
of stalking after-dark things


the sorrowing hour

to lay bare your soul
in pale introspection

in grief of secrets

rob kistner © 2007



To hear Nocturne read by the author, CLICK HERE




~ by Image&VerseToo on October 29, 2007.

44 Responses to “Haunted”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh Rob both images and poems are as you, brilliant, THANK You!

  2. Bloody Sue would be a saint in my book. If only someone kept all these scoundrels honest. That was fantastic, Rob. Love the lyrical flow.

    Nocturne is a real gem as well. You sound like a fellow night owl 😉

  3. I paritcularly liked the second one “Nocturne”

    The picture it painted was too good

  4. Reminds me of Alice Cooper’s “welcome to my nightmare” Album.

    I enjoyed them both……..
    so much that I left a similiar comment on your last post because this Haunted gave me a hell of a time to connect!

  5. Redness –

    You humble me… thank you! 😉

  6. Herb –

    As always, you are gracious… 😉

    Bloody Sue was fun to write today. I followed the t deadly sins, and pinned them on some folks who I think are deserving!

  7. Rambler –

    Thank you… I also recorded Nocturne as a podcast. It’s on my original Image & Verse blog.

  8. Steve –

    I appreciate your compliment…

  9. Bloody Sue She is like the bride of the devil Brilliant

    Nocturne is stunning, amazing perfect ;like translucent sacks of moonbeams. You are a star

  10. Marja –

    I am blushing, you are so kind… 😉

  11. the first one is one of the best things i have ever read here… i was awed.. i am humbled by your muse….

  12. Paisley –

    Wow — How very gracious of you… 😉

  13. I particularly loved the first poem – it’s like a modern day Dante Club (pretending of course that The Dante Club was actually written in the era in which it was set, nevermind, you understand my point I’m sure). Very creative but oh so appropriate justice, and in rhyme at that!

  14. love the line “translucent sacks of moonbeams”! The photo and the collage are wondrous works of art.

  15. What can I say. Pure brilliance.Come to think of it’ I kissed a girl salled Sue a few days ago, and I have’nt been feeling too good just lately!I remember sayingat the time – that bloody Sue!

  16. I loved Bloody Sue(would love to hear it sung one day) – she is an angel of course, sometimes it takes an avenging angel to get the message through. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I loved both! There is great rhyming in the first. It should be sung aloud with spooky music.

    I remember reading Nocturne.

  18. I’d have to agree with many others, that Bloody Sue sounds an awful lot like the Left Hand of God! The rhyming the rhythm of the piece are spot on. There’s a quality of the spooky, didactic campfire song about Bloody Sue. I would love to hear it sung.

    Nocuturne is so airy and light, like a hauntingly high and lilting voice. It’s a complete and wondrous journey, so well paired with the picture. Thank you.

  19. I really love the last image and I liked both offerings. Bloody folks all!

  20. Spooky! Both poems were incredible…your artwork also! ps: I like typing white on a black background..the letters apear like tiny ghosts! Mwa hahaha!

  21. Robin –

    Thank you, you are always generous… 😉

    The Dante Club eh… cool! Yes, Bloody Sue also went after people of influence to see they ‘paid their dues’. Matthew Pearl wrote a very interesting book.

  22. Pauline –

    Thank you for your kind words, for my writing and my art… 😉

    I appreciate it!

  23. Keith –

    Thank you for the very gracious compliment!

    Better be looking over your shoulder for Sue — but only if you’re a scoundrel… 😉

  24. UL –

    Thank you!

    It would be interesting put to music… it would work, definitely.

    And yes, I believe Sue is a beautiful avenging angel… 😉

  25. Gautami –

    Several have suggested a music bed for Bloody Sue… maybe I’ll do a spoken word version?

    Thank you for your always kind words… 😉

    Yes, I reprised “Nocturne” for the Halloween season.

  26. Ashley Lyn –

    You are most kind… thank you! 😉

    Sue is an avenging angel, as I see it. You are another person suggesting a music bed for Bloody Sue — I will see what I can do…

  27. Mary T –

    Thank you… 😉

  28. Pam –

    Thank you… 😉

    Words are the ghosts of your thoughts!

  29. Good morning, AWESOME! I especially enjoyed hearing he poem read aloud.

  30. Mark –

    Thank you… I’m pleased you found the link to the spoken word version… 😉

  31. both of the images are stunning, and the poems are great as well. i think you’ve won a new fan.

  32. Greggo –

    Thank you for your kindness… it is appreciated! 😉

    By fan, I’m sure you mean friend — I enjoy having friends who share my love of the arts… writing, art, music, all of the arts!

  33. Bloody Sue!! What a fun fantastic tale! I say she is an angel. This was so entertaining Rob… It brought back a memory of a movie I saw many years ago. If anyone knows what it is please tell me… but the scene I remember is a glutton who loved his poodles being forcfully FED them till he died! YULK! maybe it was hitchcock??
    I loved Nocutrne as well especially told to me in your deep sexy voice! ;))

  34. Overwhelming! Brilliant! I’ll be back to read again and again.

  35. I loved the way you made your characters live, these could actually be those around us!!! Wonderful reads.

  36. The first poem – freaky and kind of scary
    The second poem – great imaginary

  37. Lucy –

    I’m pleased you enjoyed the work… 😉

    I can’t recall immediately the movie you’re referring to.

  38. Tumblewords –

    You are most gracious… please come back as often as you’d like.

  39. Missy –

    Thank you… 😉

    I was holding a mental picture of an actual person for each of the seven characters I created in Bloody Sue.

  40. Lissa –

    ‘Bloody Sue’ is a scary story — on many levels… but mostly because the world is full of these characters, unfortunately!

    ‘Nocturne’ is pure free verse imagery… I’m pleased you liked it! 😉

  41. Very scary tale and interesting collage. And Nocturne is also chilling – both are perfect for the occasion.

  42. Tara –

    Thank you very much! 😉

  43. The first onw was so dang good..It preoccupied me for the second..so many bloody wiity images in my mind. Left me too, thinking if she was from heaven or hell….

  44. Wendy –

    Glad it drew you in… 😉

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