“Dreams” – the yin & yang


I carry my dreams in my open palms,
in the hope a breeze of promise will catch them,
so they might soar.



This first poem below represents the ‘light’ — the yang of dreams…





whispered zephyrs
toss my hair
brush soft my cheek
hope gently stirs

the breeze of promise
begins to freshen
waft and build
it gathers strength

belief awakens
heartbeat quickens
spirals anew

the building currents
draw taut the line
with an urgent tug
the moment arrives

my dream billows
stands and dances
like a kite
its sail fills

its leading edge
sculpted tight
against the frame

caught full
by the mounting breeze
it lifts with grace
rises with purpose

deft hands
and a careful eye
guide my dream
safely airborne

it ascends

carried skyward
on friendly drafts

by winds of fortune
this day my dream
has taken flight


bold aloft
in the clear bright sky
of possibility


with constant winds
precious dreams
like fragile kites
soar steadily

when tossed
by gusts of fate
heart’s fleet resolve
keeps dream-kites flying

should fortune turn
and the sky grow still
like kites


like weather
makes no guarantee

such is the thrill of kiting




rob kistner © 2007


photo collage at top entitled “Soaring”, by: rob kistner © 2007

photos at bottom taken on the Oregon coast:
the first taken at the Oregon Dunes, Florence, Oregon
the second taken at Cannon Beach, Oregon





In this poem that follows, we turn to the yin of dreams — the ‘dark’ side…
in this reprise of a work I first published in June 2007





Dark laid and down, with drum-thrummed head,
steep-steers the black nocturnal nest,
perversely born fantazury,
fresh hatch this night’s menagerie.

Scream-bringing hoard of twisted truth,
zoom-zooming in this blue-black world,
called forth to gorge in ghastly feast,
first stir, they roust then gore the beast.

Distressing visions overflow,
stabbing with a brain-jolt pierce,
disgusting curiosities,
brute-flung to hideousity.

Jerk and lunge these soul-cleaved demons,
death scratch-scratching through doomsday’s door.
Perverted serendipity,
they swarm in horrorifity.

Flaying bone-toed my synapses,
hell’s fleshless hounds devour my peace.
Mind-ghouls shake and shiver me.
Oh gentle morne, deliver me.

rob kistner © 2007


The artwork for “Nightmare” is intended as a disturbing image.
Look into its center and you will see the wicked and hideous scream-bringing hoard coming quickly, zoom-zooming up out of the blue-black world of hell.

The style is abstract-fantasy, and was created by my son, Justin Kistner.



~ by Image&VerseToo on November 17, 2007.

36 Responses to ““Dreams” – the yin & yang

  1. Those are gorgeous pictures. Your poem captures this joy nicely. I love the lines:

    like weather
    makes no guarantee

    You just cast your kite skyward and let the wind lead the way.

    Beautiful work.

  2. Every single line makes such perfect sense, I tried to pick out one stanza that would stay with me then realized that the poem as a whole will remain in my mind for a long time to come, simply beautiful. Taking chances, exploring one’s potential in spite of the ups and downs and a renewal of one’s beliefs is what makes life ‘LIFE’, and living it to the full brings such satisfaction just like a kite soaring high. Beautifully crafted, loved the analogy to kiting! Superb Rob. 🙂

  3. Herb –

    Thank you my friend… you are always gracious! 😉

    and yes…

    like weather
    makes no guarantee

    …so live it full of wonder and possibility!

  4. UL –

    You humble me with your words…

    I am very pleased this piece resonated for you.

    Writing it was a joy — most uplifting… as was creating the photo collage, and editing the additional photos.

  5. This is such a hopeful poem, and I am grateful for the reminders of ‘life like weather’ and the reminder that we still have the ‘thrill of kiting’–and life. Wow, your photos really made me miss the West. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Noni Z –

    You are most welcome!

    I am pleased this piece touched you… 😉

  7. Both poems soar and plumb the depths… The images are wonderful, and in the one by your son, I do see the nightmare demons… When I can see them without my lenses of fear, I always wonder what they might say…

  8. You’ve worded this in such a way, that i’ve never thought of it like that. Speacially loved the lines **carried skyward
    on friendly drafts** so much meaning in such little words..
    And yin and yang…wow!!! who would have thought of that !!

  9. Beautiful beyond belief…you weave quite a dream, that I must now carry…

  10. The pictures speak out. Disturbing it might be, but it is so very true too.

    Thanks for both the poems.

  11. Lea –

    Thank you… 😉

    I;m pleased the verses and images connected for you.

  12. Prats –

    I’m pleased this work resonated with you… 😉

  13. Ana –

    You are very kind, thank you! 😉

  14. Gautami –

    You are most welcome… 😉

  15. should fortune turn
    and the sky grow still
    like kites


    like weather
    makes no guarantee

    lovely words Rob..

  16. Rambler –

    Thank you very much…

  17. Both are very well done……and moving.

  18. Thank you Rob, what can I say? Lost for words really…:) BUT there’s something to say 🙂 like I said before I loved the dream, it has remained in my mind from the moment I first read it. But the nightmare makes it complete, such is life, equal parts of positive and negative, sometimes more the negative than the positive, but the winner fights and breaks those negatives…just like the kite soaring high. Loved the name “yin and yang”, somehow I loved the image attached with the nightmare, it spoke volumes to me…and the words

    “Scream-bringing hoard of twisted truth,
    zoom-zooming in this blue-black world,
    called forth to gorge in ghastly feast,
    first stir, they roust then gore the beast.”

    sure scared the hell out of me…thank you.

  19. defiantly opposite sides of the coin of life… very well done rob…

  20. I just spent some time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You would have loved the kiting there, but the golfing sucked, or should I say blew? Wilbur, Orville, and Rob.

  21. Jo –

    Thank you… 😉

  22. UL –

    I am very glad this work touched you!

    I trust you have recovered from your fright… 😉

  23. Paisley –

    Thank you very much… 😉

    You need the dark with the light… they define each other.

  24. MBW –

    Been to the Outer Banks. We have family and good friends living in Asheville, and usually travel over to the Outer Banks. I proposed to my wife in an ocean-front rental on the Outer Banks.

    Last time we were in Asheville we played golf at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in ‘The Cliffs at Walnut Cove’ — one of our friends had just moved into The Meadow, off the first fairway. Beautiful course, beautiful place!

  25. Your poems are so wonderful and so vivid I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  26. Both sides of the mind and the spells it can cast. Fresh thoughts with lovely photos and artwork!

  27. Jadey –

    Thank you… that is so very kind! 😉

  28. Tumblewords –

    Thank you!

  29. I think you touched on the most primitive as well as the allowed civilized emotions in these selections. It was wonderful with the photograpy as well. Very well suited to each.

  30. What a wonderful take on our prompt. I loved every word of it

  31. Mary T –

    Thank you, I’m pleased they resonated with you… 😉

  32. Keith –

    Thank you!

  33. oh gentle morn is right!! What a visual scary encounter.

    terrific poems, the ying and the yang……..

  34. That was such a wonderful take on the prompt and so beautifully presented…the analogy of kiting to our soaring dreams fits perfectly…terrific poems on the ying and the yang!!!


  35. Awareness –

    Thank you, you are most kind… 😉

  36. Thinking Aloud –

    Wow — thank you very much! 😉

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