Corycian Promise




Corycian Promise

Wee hours,
with the sane asleep,
this writer’s steeped
in conflicted inspiration.

My thoughts are vague,
I’m filled with doubt,
words tossed about
the unyielding empty page.

I start, then stop,
I write, then not,
unclear, I’m caught
in merciless hesitation.

Fickle muse, please —
a promise of spark
to light this dark
that grips me like a cage.

rob kistner © 2007


photo collage entitled “Seeking the Muse” – by: rob kistner © 2007



~ by Image&VerseToo on December 4, 2007.

30 Responses to “Corycian Promise”

  1. Perhaps I am not among the sane, for I understand the promise that the Muse holds out. Maybe this time will be the time it all comes together.

  2. I start, then stop,
    I write, then not,
    unclear, I’m caught
    in merciless hesitation.

    Yes. But for me, it’s daylight when this happens. My muse seems to be a night owl. The best ideas only come very late at night when I’m barely coherent. She’s a sly one that muse. You’ve captured our longing for her well.

  3. I start, then stop,
    I write, then not,
    unclear, I’m caught
    in merciless hesitation.

    So very true with all of us… I like the words to describe the dilemma

  4. I’m such a morning person that I’ve never stayed awake all night. Even when my children were ill, I called in their father and got a half hour or hour of sleep. I get ill If I Don’t Get Some sleep! So, I liked it a lot and just mentally shifted to a place I can relate to it. The picture is just astounding. Maybe I’m letting my visual person out a bit more, but I love your photos as they are also an essay by themselves!

  5. I write best when I’m tired and missing my sleep! Your words to me are so fitting.

  6. Chasing the muse is a never ending challenge. Your words are beautiful and true. Great work.

  7. I enjoyed this, Rob.

  8. Nicely realistic with a touch of magical hope and the image is wonderful, too!

  9. oh rob… this was wonderful… i felt it so personally….

  10. Very nice, Rob.
    Sneak away and return is usually my remedy. Beat fickle muse at her own game, for hide and seek is what she plays all the time, is it not? Interesting puzzle of an image…lovely. Thank you.

  11. That spark will come, Rob. Just don’t force it!

  12. Oh, Rob! I had this exact experience two nights ago! (Did you somehow see across the miles to where I was holed up in our bathroom–where I could have the light on and not wake my family–at 2 in the morning?) You captured it so eloquently.

  13. elegantly put!

  14. I love this… and do I know this cage… and oh so gratefully, I know this promise…

  15. Don’t count on all who are able to sleep as the sane Rob… Sometimes in light of some of the problems I deal with I think it’s Insane that I sleep so soundly!
    great poem Rob. 🙂

  16. Brian –

    Perhaps — but for certain, the muse is fickle… 😉

  17. Robin –

    My muse, as well, visits most frequently after midnight… then I find myself writing the sun up!

  18. Rambler –

    Frustrating isn’t it! Thank you… 😉

  19. Mary T –

    Everyone’s muse seem to keep different hours. Thank you for the very kind words regarding my collage work. I do try to narrate a story with them… I’m pleased it reaches you. 😉

  20. Keith –

    Thank you. I believe when we are exhausted our ego is more suppressed, and the writing becomes more real and honest.

  21. Mark –

    Thank you!

    …but oh, the chase is the magic…

  22. Jo –

    Thank you! 😉

  23. Tumblewords –

    You are gracious, thank you… 😉

  24. Paisley –

    I’m so pleased… 😉

  25. UL –

    Yes, the muse is a trickster… like the coyote!

    Thank you for the kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed the collage!

  26. Gautami –

    Sometimes it slows, other times it flows… but that is the allure of writing!

  27. Chicklegirl –

    Perhaps — I am the master of time and space… like Leon Russell… 😉

  28. Lissa –

    Cordially complimented… thank you! 😉

  29. Lea –

    Thank you… the two are inseparable, like yin & yang.

  30. Lucy –

    Insanity and genius sleep in the same room.

    Thank you for the kind words… 😉

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