Signs (part 1 & 2)





I did not see it
as I passed by

the sign that read
leaving november
please come back

it did not catch my eye

it must stand shaded
at the highway’s bend

where the well-paved road
of manhood

to the two-lane climb
of no return

surely I missed it
as I sped through july

and too, september
racing well into october

it did not catch my eye

for if it had
I might have slowed
my approach
to behold
just what it was
I was passing by

I might have glanced back
one last time

turned round to see
exactly what
I’d left behind

but it did not catch my eye

no matter

for as I travel
through december
I cannot return

want, as I will
try as I may

there is no going back

so it is
I slow my pace
to take in all that lay ahead

in this precious winter
of my life

these final miles
to journey’s end

rob kistner © 2007


photo collage above entitled “What If” – by: rob kistner © 2007


“Signs” continued below


Turning to a lighter side — the sign below is a source of much humor, and probably a bit of frustration in Oregon City. A suburb of Portland, Oregon City is not really that boring — it just happens to follow Boring, Oregon, on state route 212. Hence, the sign.




Yes, there really is a Boring, Oregon, and believe me — it is. I live in the Cascade foothills east of Oregon City. Every time I pass this sign, as I drive down from Mt. Hood to my home — I chuckle.

Oregon City is a fine place to live. Located at the confluence of the Clackamas River and the Willamette River, it nestles in next to Willamette Falls. To pay a little homage to O.C., I’ve written a haiku celebrating its natural setting.



pure crisp mountain stream
fresh rolling valley river
city by the falls

rob kistner © 2007



photo of Willamette Falls in Oregon City, Oregon



~ by Image&VerseToo on December 5, 2007.

34 Responses to “Signs (part 1 & 2)

  1. Rob,

    Lovely imagery of O.C. captured in a poem in brevity that took shape in Haiku form.

    I like the humor in the story behind the force that prod you to write this piece.

    Souces of inspiration could come in many different ways in the most unexpected places.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. one man’s boredom is another man’s serenity (ok… or something like that) I wouldnt mind being bored there!

  3. Who ever stops to pause, nowadays? Very nice.

  4. A lovely fluid piece that is, as always, thought-provoking.

  5. I’m sure you are not yet in your December, but I do like the piece.

  6. Rob, just amazing, very nice take on the “Signs”

  7. i’d let them have november,, it is 1986-1995 i want back…..

  8. Jeques –

    Thank you! I’m pleased you enjoyed this… 😉

  9. Ascender –

    Got it… 😉

    It’s not a bad little corner of the world.

  10. Rethabile –

    Thank you… we do not take the time to look around, until its often too late.

  11. Jo –

    You are kind… 😉

    I’m pleased you enjoyed the work.

  12. Sister AE –

    Thank you… 😉

    I’m not certain, given my health… but I am rooting you’re right.

  13. Rambler –

    Thank you… I appreciate your compliment.

  14. Paisley –

    Not certain of your age, and I won’t ask… 😉 …but I’d guess 1986-1995 was the June-July of your life?

    Unfortunately, we are on a one-way road – no u-turns, no going back… but as I suggested in my piece, don’t miss out on what’s ahead by investing too much time looking back.

  15. This may be my favorite of your poems. Well, maybe not THE favorite but right up there in the ‘wow’ area! Enjoyed the photos, as well.

  16. Tumblewords –

    Thank you very much… you are most gracious! 😉

  17. Great post.. and dont we really rush through life …
    I loved the part 2 too.. hahaha!! Boring really??!! I bet the people who live there are subject to so many quips from friends!!
    Enjoyed the pictures as well.

  18. Rob,

    It’s only now that I read the poem you added, and I have to also add to my something to express how I like this poem. It’s should work as a reminder, as a signal to everyone that we’re not be in the summer of life forever ~ so we might as well live life everyday as if it’s the last. Seize the moment!

    I posted a blog, “Signs of Autumn” before, and it expresses my personal reflections on the season, my life and aging. Your poem resonate to my thoughts.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  19. Preethi –

    Thank you… 😉

    Yes, the townfolk of Boring, Oregon get a lot of ‘ribbing’.

  20. Jeques –

    Thank you!

    You should consider posting links to your work on Writers Island. A lot more people would see it and read your work.

  21. Thanks for the link, Rob.

    I wasted no time, I’ve been in the Writer’s Island. I have a blog post that match the weekly prompt, so I submitted “Love-Poems” where my poem “The Promise” is included.

    Thanks again and I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  22. Hi, Love the poetry but the picture of the Willamette Falls really interests me. Also, love the Boring, Oregon City sign and of course your collage. Yeah, and I don’t think you’re in the December of your years quite yet!

  23. I love collage but am not that great at it. Your’s is stunning! I love your poem, too, expecially the way it meanders down the page just like the way we tiptoe through life.

  24. Beautiful! Love the words and the collages as well!

    Boring Oregon City? hilarious!

  25. A little alliteration makes my day! Thank you Rob! That was great.

  26. Jeques –


  27. STG –

    Thank you for the compliment…

    In my 60’s with very high mileage, diabetes, arterial sclerosis, and one heart attack to my credit. If I’m not in the December of my years — I’m close… but I’m a fighter!

  28. Linda –

    Such nice remarks… thank you! 😉

    I love doing collage. I endeavor to make them narrative puzzles — doesn’t always happen… but I try.

  29. Catalina –

    You are most kind… 😉

  30. Alex –

    Thank you…

  31. I very much enjoyed your poem!

  32. Mad Kane –

    Thank you!

  33. This works so well on both the levels, November is for many the least appreciated month (though of course it depends where you are). The insights about ageing in the poem are very moving

  34. Juliet –

    You are gracious, thanks! I appreciate that coming from you… 😉

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