“Racing” — moment of victory


This piece celebrates that magical moment of victory, few rarely experience, when competing in a sporting event. It also celebrates the spirit of human athletic competition — the basic human drive to excel in the face of obstacles… to overcome and succeed.





run — run
roared the rabid fans
rocketing the runners
rapid-fire round the bend

racing recklessly

redoubling their resolve

reaching for resurgence
to redeem
their rough start

refusing to relinquish
their radical pace

no longer rambling
they raged
like rogue renegades

renewed determination
refueled their hope
refreshed their spirit
re-quickened their stride

rekindling their belief
that resounding victory
was the certain result

the runners roared on
lungs raw and ragged

their rally near realized
they reared their heads
a raucous refrain rising
arms raised in rapture
riotously rejoicing


rob kistner © 2007





photorendering at top entitled “Dash” – edited by: rob kistner © 2007
neon etching at bottom entitled “Final Kick” – by: rob kistner © 2007



~ by Image&VerseToo on December 7, 2007.

64 Responses to ““Racing” — moment of victory

  1. I love the rollicking rhythm Rob.Radiant rhapsody.

  2. breathing hard just reading about it… great write rob!!!

  3. I felt like I was actually watching the race while reading the poem! Excellent job – both the poem and the photo.

  4. A great read. Loved how it built with every line.



  5. Running has always felt like one of the most competitive sports to me. I felt like I was headed for that finish line through your words. Excellent!

  6. excellentRob! I have a feeling you’ve been involved in this kind of competition,No?
    If not written as if you had. 🙂

  7. yep, i felt it too…like i was competing alongside the rest of them…i liked the last word…like cherry on a sundae…mind if i rest, i’m outta breath..

  8. A little alliteration makes my day! Thank you Rob! That was great.

  9. Brian –

    Thank you… love the way you roll your r’s. 😉

  10. Paisley –

    Glad you liked it… 😉

  11. Liza –

    You are most kind… 😉

  12. Rose –

    I appreciate the compliment… 😉

  13. Lisrobbe –

    I am glad this piece moved you! 😉

  14. Lucy –

    Thank you! 😉

    I played football, baseball, and ran track… but that was a lonnngg time ago!

  15. Piece ‘o –

    Cool comment… thanks! 😉

  16. Alex –

    Glad to be of service… 😉

  17. Beautifully done! I love your use of alliteration and rhythmic repetition.

  18. My heart was racing reading your wonderful work. It was an exhilarating read that had me slightly winded as I reached for the gatorade upon completion.

  19. Love your use of alliteration!

  20. Mad Kane –

    Thank you… I was celebrating alliteration in this piece — working on the premise: “if a little alliteration is good, then a lotta alliteration is gooder”… 😉

  21. Herb –

    Rest then my friend — we don’t want to lose you! 😉

    I hope these eight days of Hanukkah bring light and joy to you, and those you love.

  22. Diana –

    Thank you… 😉

  23. their rally near realized
    they reared their heads
    a raucous refrain rising
    arms raised in rapture
    riotously rejoicing

    I felt my own spirit begin to soar when I reached this final stanza.

  24. Amazing usage of r words and you could feel the writing. Well done!

  25. Excellent Rob a grand style of competition!!

  26. Well that was a lot of fun. Well done!

  27. real rabid racing! Great speed and flow – it rocks

  28. Lots of Rrrrrs there 😉
    I’m not sure how it is said in english but I’d translate it as alliteration.
    Great, makes me want to start running and I am very lazy by nature!

  29. Run..run, still resounds..what a race, thanks 🙂

  30. Robin –

    Glad I could provide a lift… 😉

  31. Jen –

    Thank you… 😉

  32. Redness –

    You are most kind… 😉

  33. Devil Mood –

    Thank you…

    …well, get those jogging shoes on! 😉

  34. Richard –

    Glad you enjoyed it…

  35. Tumblewords –

    Thank you – and rock on… 😉

  36. UL –

    You are most welcome! 😉

  37. I simply love alliteration. Great work!

  38. Fabulous. The alliteration was superb. The images were dead-on. Thank you.

  39. Gautami –

    I’m pleased you enjoyed this… thank you! 😉

  40. Patois –

    You are most welcome indeed… 😉

  41. So inspiring… feel like I need to wear sneakers as I venture on the race of life!! Thank you

  42. Rob, you accomplished your goal. Wow!

  43. I cheered at the end!
    Well-done my friend.
    Have a wonderous week.

  44. Amazing pieces! Even though they were somewhat abstract my mind translated them as something I was actually seeing. I need to research what neon etching is, I don’t think I’ve heard of it before.

  45. And the crowd roared in delight…..I could picture the whole scene.
    great poem, Rob.

  46. read this with relish!

  47. Great take and a fantastic pase.. loved it!!!

  48. Dee –

    You are welcome, and thank you… 😉

  49. Cynthia –

    I’m pleased you think so… 😉

  50. Frances –

    I’m pleased you were moved! Thank you…

    …you have a great week as well.

  51. Tickled –

    Thank you for the kind word. 😉

    Neon etching is a multi-layered artistic manipulation of a digitally captured photorendering.

  52. Awareness –

    Thank you… glad I could transport you in some small way. 😉

  53. Paula –

    It’s great with mayo as well… 🙂

    This smart-aleck thanks you!

  54. Preethi –

    I appreciate your kind words!

  55. Great poem. I am not a sports person but get really in the spirit now

  56. Wow! Where did you find all those ‘r’ words. The alliteration propels the whole poem forward so effectively.

  57. Breath-taking. You put me there in the middle of the race and made me experience the moment, I was carried away racing with this energy-filled poem. It’s so alive. And oh, the intensity. I share the triumph in the end.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    Here’s a link to my winning moments:


  58. You are a master of alliteration. Nice poem. Look forward to reading more.

  59. Marja –

    Thank you!

  60. Watermaid –

    I’m pleased the piece worked for you… 😉

  61. Jeques –

    Thank you!

  62. Cwriter79 –

    Thank you,,, please come back!

  63. Love the pace of this piece. It galloped along and really involved me

  64. Keith –

    I am pleased this piece ‘moved’ you… 😉

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