This Season




December Memories

cold cheeks pressed in soft embrace
nestled warm in sweater’s plush
full hearts brim in fond delight
drawn close in loving gather

room awash in gentle glow
heady scent of fresh-cut noble
standing tall this winter night
resplendent in its cloak of yule

tender lilt of celtic song
sweet fragrances of promised treats
the pleasing snap of kindled log
spirits soothed by season’s hearth

ribbon’d papers flash multi-hues
gifts bestowed one at a time
each in turn a treasured moment
joyous laughter shared by all

round and round the kindred circle
we celebrate unveiled affection
nurtured by each act of love
precious times with family

rob kistner © 2007


embossed photorendering at top entitled “Winter’s Still” by: rob kistner © 1993
NOTE: this photo shows a rare snowfall here in our valley home in the Cascade foothills





~ by Image&VerseToo on December 17, 2007.

62 Responses to “This Season”

  1. Rob,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    The lovely imagery of this poem is still quite strange to me coming from a tropical country, the Philippines with a lot different atmosphere this season. I had my first snow only last year when I moved here in Chicago.

    But I think the universal merriment of the Christmas season, the celebration, the family gatherings, the gift giving are basically the same. It’s just the snow and some stuff we don’t have in my country that makes this poem new and fresh to my eyes as I read it.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. round and round the kindred circle
    we celebrate unveiled affection
    nurtured by each act of love
    precious times with family

    sounds really exciting.

  3. having stayed in Japan for 3 yrs, I have experienced this “cold” Christmas – a huge different from where I grew up.

    i think the affection of one another, from family to friends, is enough to warm up the surroundings. ah, christmas, time to be with family and try to catch up things.

    the poem really speaks a universal tone which i really like, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. You painted some magical moments.
    I really love: Full hearts brim in fond delight
    drawn close in loving gather

  5. A magical moment indeed.

  6. Last stanza is beautiful.
    Great photos too.

    Wish you the best of the season!

  7. Your poem radiates love and contentment. Beautiful

  8. Once again, you captured it beautifully Rob. I can picture the kindreds celebrating together. I love the phrase “unveiled affection.” It is so true. Christmas is a time when people are much more inclined to unveil themselves. Here’s to lots of hugs and smooches this season.

    Merry Christmas to you, and your kindreds.

  9. very Christmassy feeling to photo and words! Seasons Greetings!

  10. hope your holidays are as lovely as the sentiments in this post

  11. I love the picture!
    You made me think of that Let it snow song…not that I want it too…brrrr its cold!

  12. sounds beautiful… just like a lifetime movie….

  13. We were only in the foothills 3 years, but had snow each year! It was magical for a former Floridian. I was able to snuggle right into the scene you created, including the human warmth – and for a moment I was back. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Thanks for the Holiday card Rob and Kathy. We wish you the best.

  15. Just lovely.

  16. like a dusting of snow your words fall and bring me home to memories and feelings so dear… sleeping deep, seeds planted in love grow… to you and your family all the best, and thank you so for opening the way to Writers Island…

  17. What a lovely picture you paint.. some really lovely memories of the saeson.. Happy holidays to you and your family.
    Poetic Trails

  18. What a warm and lovely poem. I think you hit most of what we are all thinking. Especailly the other people and affection thing-y.
    I enjoyed it greatly.

  19. Sounds wonderful! And the picture – Oh, for some Christmas snow!

  20. Rob, that was simply lovely. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  21. Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  22. I loved the last stanza as well. It captures the warmth and kindred spirit of the holidays beautifully. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  23. Jeques –

    Thank you! Hope you enjoyed this piece… 😉

  24. Rambler –

    It was wonderful — while it lasted… 😉

  25. ToTomai –

    You’re welome… thank you! 😉

  26. Marja –

    Glad this touched you… 😉

  27. Robin –

    Wish it could have endured time… 😉

  28. Gautami –

    Thank you… best to you my friend! 😉

  29. Keith –

    Thank you!

  30. Awareness –

    Thank you… happy holidays to you… 😉

  31. Juliet –

    …and to you! 😉

  32. Pauline –

    Thank you… yours a well! 😉

  33. Jen –

    Wish you the best… 😉

  34. Jodi –

    Wish I would have had a bit more ‘lifetime movie’ and little less horror movie in my life…

  35. Marcia –

    Glad you felt welcome… 😉

    The lowest the snow usually gets is above 1,000 feet above sea level — we are below 1,000.

    Best seasons greetings to you!

  36. Brian –

    You’re most welcome… best to you!

  37. Lissa –

    … 😉

  38. Lea –

    wonderful comment… the best of the season to you and yours! 😉

    …you’re welcome!

  39. Preethi –

    Thank you, and best wishes…

  40. Mary t –

    Thank you greatly… 😉

  41. STG –

    Hope your holidays bring all you seek…

  42. CG –

    I am glad you enjoyed it… 😉

    Best of the season to you and yours!

  43. Tumblewords –

    Thank you… and to you! 😉

  44. Herb –

    Thank you… I’m pleased it touched you!

    The very best of the season to you my friend!

  45. MERRY Christmas to you Rob and to your family. Thanks for the gift of writers island! Wish I could reciprocate. Your words were lovely and (of course) moved me to tears while I imagined each beautiful reference. May your New Year be happy, healthy and artistically Prolific! xo

  46. Lucy –

    You are so very kind… thank you! I am pleased that people enjoy the island. The best to you and yours in this season, and through the new year! 😉

  47. Oh now I am missing my family, beautiful time for a family gathering and how appropriately put, thanks Rob. Here’s wishing you and the family a wonderful holiday season.

  48. UL –

    You are welcome… and holiday wished to you!

  49. Wishing you laughter,love, joy and much peace for Christmas and coming New Year!

    Much power to your pen too!

  50. Gautami –

    …and to you my friend! 😉

  51. I’ve seen your work over on Sunday Scribblings, and now on Writer’s Island. You are a gifted author. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Merry Christmas.

  52. Forgetful –

    You are most gracious… thank you. 😉

    Best wishes to you for a great holiday season!

  53. your words are always so full of life and sensuality!

  54. very rich and vibrant piece, Rob. What a pleasure to read.

  55. This ppoem describes my collected memories of Christmas to perfection. What a skillful blend of meaning and verbal sound. This should be read aloud.

  56. A beautiful poem that truly evokes the warmth of the holidays.
    Nice images too — Merry Christmas.

    And hey — WHERE in the Cascade foothills?

  57. just as it should be on holidays….i can feel the warmth from the fire

  58. Arboleda –

    You are kind… 😉

  59. Jennifer –

    Thank you… I’m pleased you enjoyed it! 😉

  60. Granny –

    I appreciate your kind words… 😉

    I will soon be recording a new batch of my poetry to be featured on Visceral Voice. I will include “December Memories”.

  61. Betty –

    Thank you. 😉

    In a small valley of ‘old growth’, southeast of Portland, Oregon.

  62. Piece’O –

    I’m pleased you were touched… 😉

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