This is a light, rhyming piece inspired by a rather startling article I read last year in Scientific American magazine concerning nano-biotechnology. The article was both enlightening and sobering. This is a sort of poetic editorial concerning technology and humankind. I’ve also included a couple pieces of my, and my son’s art that were inspired by reflections on technology. I am a strong proponent of technology, but not at the expense of reason and common sense. Intellectual arrogance can be deadly!






as science pursues 10
to the –9 power
let’s not push earth
to its final hour

historic failures
to be circumspect
should temper man’s dance
with nanotech

let not fascination
with A I
prove to be
mankind’s goodbye

hail these journeys
as they commence
but also question
their consequence

so as we rush
to do it now
let’s be damned certain
we know how

let’s focus hard
on cost and worth
both to mankind
and to our earth

prevailing facts
show great disparity
as the world approaches
the Singularity

the bleak example
of Oppenheimer
should serve to be
a stark reminder

that as we ponder
just how we could
we must consider
if we should

as we seek
our bright tomorrow
let’s take great care
it not bring sorrow

rob kistner © 2007




The art piece at the top of the poem is entitled “Bubble Memory (Dreams)”.
The piece just above, at the bottom of the poem is entitled “Bitstream”.

• • •


With the subject of this poem being technology, I couldn’t resist including below, this famous and magical scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, Blade Runner — from my favorite producer/director, Ridley Scott. I highly recommend the ‘Final Cut’ version currently gathering attention — and finally, well-deserved acclaim.



• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on January 3, 2008.

10 Responses to “Technomania”

  1. Oh, yes, words of wisdom. Why is it that those who should read this, won’t…

  2. Rob,

    My curious eyes and mind are always satiated everytime I visit here. I like to be surprised by your fecund mind’s masterful creations and be enriched by your words.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  3. Ah, the reasoned voice of caution amidst the rush to be the first. Nicely done.

  4. Tumblewords –

    Why is it so many of those to whom we have entrusted the responsibility of envisioning a better future — seem so damned shortsighted?!!

  5. Jeques –

    Thank you… you are kind!

  6. Sister AE –

    Thank you…

    …I believe someone needs to continue to shout into the void, in the hope someone will hear.

  7. That reference to Oppenheimer is so chilling! Loved this!

  8. that was really informative as well as poetic rob… i am comfortably numb in the areas of politics and technology,,, but the links made it easy to navigate and at least glimpse a piece of what is really going on……

  9. I agree with the message of your poem. The form is seamless! Great visuals to accompany the poem. You have a talented family.

    Blade Runner’s one of my faves too. I’ve seen it so many times. It was the first film with Daryl Hannah I’d ever seen. I thought the androids were so cool.

  10. You may be intersted in a book I read for a Science and Ethics class: [Wenk, Edward, Tradeoffs : Imperatives of Choice in a High-Tech World, (Paperback), The Johns Hopkins University Press; Reprint edition (1989), ISBN: 0801839424]

    You’ll have to find a used copy. It ought to be reprinted in a new edition and required reading.

    If it’s not clear, I share your sentiments. 🙂

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