Over The Horizon (two views)





A Clearing

when you are away

calm finds me

the joy of our love

life’s fog of stress

the veil of worry
of insecurity


I see
with great clarity
far over pride’s horizon

I see my love for you
my bond of fidelity
our deep relationship

how certain I am
I would give my life
for you

in these precious moments
emotions overwhelm

I vow
to share
the depth of these feelings
to hold nothing back
to bare my heart

then life’s fog creeps back
the veil
of uncertainty

my love

see these words
as a clearing

a special space
just over the horizon
you can visit
and be nurtured

a private
wonderful place
you can go

to find these treasures
of my heart

rob kistner © 2007












over the horizon
I come upon a man
standing by the road
looking blank
and sad

heavy box
held in his arms
clutched close to his breast

he stares
looks into my eyes

his gaze stops me still
fixes me in place

his face is tired
and drawn
etched in withered worry

when at last I move
I draw near
as I do

close enough to see
this sullen man
is me

he offers out his hands
that open on the box

he beckons me retrieve
this container he protects

filled with apprehension
I reach
and grasp the case

lift it cautious from his grip

lay it gently at my feet

it opens
as I do


to reveal
strange contents

seven broken hearts

mute with wonder
I behold

yet riveted

I ponder
as I do

then inquire of the meaning

these are yours
I am told

created by your deeds

left cruelly behind
as you ventured on

they each belonged
to one who trusted you

each trust you did betray
without a second thought

each love you tossed aside

abandoned carelessly

now the burden of this box
is mine beyond the grave

it was on a road like this
that it was passed to me

I have carried it too long

I am weary from the load

now you must bend and lift
and clutch it to your breast
to struggle with its weight

until you pass it on

a man will come
over that horizon

he will stop
and stare
transfixed by your presence

you will charge him with this chest

then he will lift
and carry
as I do

in a cycle of forever

for he too
will be you

rob kistner © 2007





~ by Image&VerseToo on January 7, 2008.

46 Responses to “Over The Horizon (two views)

  1. very sad….
    haven’t written my writer’s prompt yet…still mulling it over in my mind….just redid my template and lost my links so I’m swinging by to get yours!
    (hoping to think of something for this prompt soon! I found this one very challenging…I like that!)

  2. Oh God, this is too much. I can’t stop my emotion from surging. I am moved by this 2 pieces beyond comprehension, could be that I, too, am the sullen man and by reading this I’m accepting the chest you’re passing on. And opening the chest conjure up memories carrying me to the past. The message of this piece is an awakening dawn as I move forth over the new horizon of my life.

    My article for the prompt is now posted.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  3. WOW. That second piece is outstanding. It really moved me more than anything else I think I have read of yours to date. Nice work!

  4. The first piece was so romantic, and the second very sad – very moving. Outstanding poetry and a joy to read.

  5. a private
    wonderful place
    you can go

    to find these treasures
    of my heart

    I wish more people find ways to such place with each other

  6. Touching and tender pieces…Artwork terrific!

  7. Only you can show us two perspectives. Thanks!

  8. beautiful artwork, Rob. I Liked the first one so much better. Spiritual love..that’s how I read it.

  9. A circle, I see a circle, a connection between the two pieces, surely they cant be exclusive from one another..for life always runs in circles with both positives and negatives. Beautiful, Rob, happy 08 to you.

  10. Both are beautiful and very moving. I too see these two as very connected… almost separate realities… all it would take would be for me to turn one way or the other…

    Glad you power is back on! We were without power also, and my yard is a sea of tree limbs… but no downed trees as elsewhere…

    Thank you so Rob, for WI

  11. Jen –

    Life is bittersweet… joy does not exist without sadness.

    Good luck with your muse! 😉

  12. Jeques –

    I am pleased this piece impacted you… 😉

    …find and embrace the meaning that it holds for you.

  13. Michelle –

    I am pleased this work touched you… 😉

  14. Beautiful as always!

  15. Keith –

    You are most kind… thank you!

  16. Rambler –

    As I do… 😉

  17. Tumblewords –

    Thank you for the kind words… 😉

  18. Steve –

    You are most welcome… 😉

  19. Gautami –

    I cannot take credit for this particular artwork. It was harvested from open source — but it seemed so very congruent.

    True love is spiritual… 😉

  20. UL –

    Yes… the great Mandala… the yin & yang… existence is a circle, as surely as are these two pieces I wrote.

    Thank you for the gracious words… 😉

  21. Lea –

    Very divergent realities turn on the smallest of choices.

    Weather has been a challenge recently — and you are most welcome! 😉

  22. Redness –

    Thank you… as always… 😉

  23. The first one is beautiful, but the second one blew me away, utterly and completely.

  24. Robin –

    Thank you… 😉

    You are most gracious! I’m pleased you were touched…

    “Heartbreaker” came to me in a fevered midnight visit from my muse, as I was awakened in deep melancholy, stirred by a troubled dream about my inconsiderate youth.

    It was quite cathartic — there were tears.

  25. Well crafted. Loved both. The first piece left me in a meditative trance, just like in the midst of deep meditation. The second soaked me in to be at the painted scene. mm..my vote..Outstanding work.

  26. Ratana –

    Thank you for the very kind words… 😉

  27. Wow, Rob! Two very different and powerful poems. Like love – the simplicity of the first poem; the complicated aspects and heartbreak in the second. Brilliant! (And sorry I’ve been absent lately; have been quite ill with bronchitis, which still has me in its clutches).

  28. Wow.. both the poems were amazing.. I couldnt decide which one I liked better.. and I reread them for the sheer beauty.. Very well written…
    Over the Horizon

  29. Tara –

    Thank you… and very nice to see you back in action… 😉

    Hope you continue towards sound health!

  30. I found them both very moving, they both invoked different feelings within me. I love what you do with word and image. Keep it up.
    My first WI entry is up.

  31. Preethi –

    Thank you very much… 😉

  32. Penelope Anne –

    You are most gracious… 😉

    Good to have you one the island!

  33. two wonderful treasures of love and life all encompassing emotions..spoken so beautifully and haunting…

  34. Pieceofpie –

    I genuinely appreciate your kind words… 😉

  35. You’ve captured so much of the depth of love, joy and heartache, and so articulately. I loved the part about seven broken hearts. Wow, very moving. Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt piece.

  36. i’ve come here a few times to read your poetry and i have to say this second piece is the best one i’ve read so far (though i have to confess i have not read all of your poetry). so raw in beauty in emotion, so primal in its confession. and i can’t even begin to express how beautifully breathtaking your artwork is. the first time i came upon your page, i did not see text, all i saw was color and beauty in art. magnificent.

    you create outstanding work.

  37. Chicklegirl –

    You are most kind… 😉

    …and you’re most welcome!

  38. Rebecca –

    Thnk you for the gracious words… 😉 …and I invite you to please visit again.

  39. I love the second poem – wow! heavy burdens our hearts carry all in a box – how it must keep any man or woman down but it is hard not forget the ones who lost and loved. Great poems.

  40. Lissa –

    Thank you… I am glad you liked “Heartbreaker”. 😉

  41. The second piece. I am deeply moved. Thank you.

  42. The first was very romantic and beautiful as always. The second was hauntingly powerful and creative. Bravo! It’s good to be back. I moved, fell and lost power in a storm. Makes good writing material.;)

  43. Ty –

    You are kind… and you are welcome!

  44. Tammy –

    Thank you… 😉

    Nice to have you back — and please, take care.

  45. I came this from the Sunday Scribbling’s “date” prompt. These “two” are touching….

  46. Liza’s –

    Thank you… 😉

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