a relentless whir
60-cycled hum

pulses and drones

this coarse whisper
promises relief

in vain

this place
soaked in midnight
clings to the soul

blades whirl and whoosh
a quiet thump


they cleave the swelter

and rattle pages
at rest before me

in irregular rustle
they taunt



no burden of remorse
no weight of mystery
do they bear

no voice of reason
or ring of truth

no sting of anger
no wink of mirth
with which to be dispatched

no coin of phrase to spend

through the open window


the buzz
as twilight fades

the leggy rasp
muffled keens

darkness deepens

the stalking growls
distant yelps

low rolling howls
echoed cries
rising gibber

the edgy din
of crawling

in damp insistence
to fill my ears
crowd my mind

to leave not one small space
for wit
or insight

all in vain

there is no relief

nothing clever
or profound
in this dissonant tropical night



rob kistner © 2007




• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on January 9, 2008.

18 Responses to “Uninspired”

  1. I was half done about a fan. But I abandoned it. Glad I did. It couldn’t have compared with yours..:D

  2. and one more makes 70

  3. Gautami –

    You should finish your piece, I’m sure it would be wonderful… 😉

    …and thank you for your kind words.

  4. Alan –

    I am at a loss for words…

  5. this reminds me so much of evenings when I was in Malawi, very well described

  6. Juliet –

    Thank you… 😉

    From the late 1960’s until the 1990’s, I owned a company that imported contemporary European furniture, and initially designed residentially integrated audio entertainment systems — later evolving to custom home theaters.

    During the 1980’s, I had a satellite office in Naples, Florida — at the west end of ‘Alligator Alley’, on the northwest edge of the everglades. My main office was in Cincinnati, with another satellite office in Chicago.

    I avoided the Chi-town office, as much as possible, between November and April — too cold to move. I opted to spend much of that time in Naples. However, I would do my very best to stay away from Naples from late May through late September. Summer in the Everglades was simply too damned hot to breath, much less think.

    “Uninspired” was inspired by my memories of summer in Naples — a memory which remains much too vivid for me, even after nearly two decades.

  7. i miss the tropical sounds of home here in my mountain lair,,,,,,this was lovely rob

  8. I yearn to exchange heat for snow shoveling. The sounds in this piece are remarkable.

  9. The sounds are strongly expressed through this intense piece. I love it. Thank you for sharing.
    Mine is at: http://wannabeawritersomeday.blogspot.com/2008/01/top-poem-what-do-you-hear.html

  10. Hi Rob, long time no see. Happy new year. This is very well done indeed, really took me there.

  11. I think you posted this one particularly hot & sticky Portland summer. Last year?

  12. Paisley –

    Thank you… 😉

  13. Tumblewords –

    You are kind… 😉

    …shoveling snow is not kind! 😦

  14. Penelope –

    Glad you liked it… 😉

  15. Johemmant –

    I appreciate your kind words… 😉

  16. Deb –

    You are observant… 😉

    This is an edited, more detailed rewrite of that original piece. This new version was inspired by my current longing for sunshine and warmth — but also recalling my Naples, FL days, and that there is definitely such a thing as too much sun… and heat!

    Here is the first version, before the final edits and completed rewrite.

    Did you read “The Big Beat”, the other piece that I contributed for this same prompt?

  17. The wind is howling, freezing rain is pinging against the windows. Thank you for taking me away from it all!

  18. Linda –

    You are most welcome… 😉

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