Tao of Now




Tao of Now

(for baba)

fellow travelers in time
if you wish to find more joy
there’s a state of mind that I’m
suggesting you employ

forget the future and the past
tomorrow– yesterday
that time goes by too fast
those moments burn away

neither fret what you have missed
nor ponder destiny
because today is all there is
ever was — will ever be

the days not yet arrived
the ones that slipped away
when they unfold in our lives
they are an opportune — today

you can’t recoup what got away
or know tomorrow what you’ll find
but if you focus on today
you can find your peace of mind

don’t sweat the future or the past
lost in who what when and how
if you want happiness to last
learn to joyfully be here – now

rob kistner © 2007

• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on January 17, 2008.

34 Responses to “Tao of Now”

  1. Quite spot on!

  2. Ohm…. Ohm…..

  3. I’m not sure. What about those days when the here and now is infinitely more frightening than the past or the future?

    Regardless of my own issues, it’s a lovely piece.

  4. Interesting indeed! Food for thought.

  5. So true Rob, postive & beautiful, Thank YOU!

  6. Not all nows are so joyful, but your poem is lovely and totally inspiring!!

  7. Very beautiful piece!

  8. very zen! as always, you write so beautifully.

  9. ‘With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.’ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Your philosophy is shared by other great writers! xo

  10. Winedarksea –

    Thank you… 😉

    Your blog is gorgeous and your writing is wonderfully edgey!

  11. Brian –

    ”Nam myoho renge kyo” my brother… 😉

  12. Robin –

    On those frightening days one must strive even harder to elevate the now to a joyful level. 😉

  13. Keith –

    Food for a much better world… 😉

  14. Redness –

    You are welcome… 😉

    It is a divine focus, the joyful now.

  15. Tumblewords –

    I am pleased my words reached you… 😉

    Not all days are joyful. I have had my fair share of days of unfathomable horror. But the focus of our spirit should always be on a joyful now!

  16. Footlights –

    Thank you… 😉

  17. Rebecca –

    Very tao… but thank you — your words are most gracious! 😉

    A couple differences between the very differnt concepts and practices of Zen and Tao.

    • Zen monks shave their head, are vegetarian, avoid wine and intoxication, value the Heart Sutra, and practice celibacy.

    • Taoist priests generally have a full head of hair, drink wine, value the Dao De Jing, and are permitted to have wives (and sex!).

    There is significant difference in their meditation techniques as well.

    • In Zen, practitioners keep their mind on the void.

    • In Taoism, visualization is used extensively in meditation.

    Just sharing for the fun of it… 🙂

  18. Lucy –

    I like Ralph, we was a fascinating character!

    Baba Ram Dass was also a strong proponent of the pactice he called ‘Be Here Now’ — of living fully in the ‘now’.

  19. yours word touched me..

  20. Amen! Great use of rhyme in this poem! It makes it more memorable and that gets your point across.

  21. Glad I had read your poem – hits home to close for comfort! Thank you for the wisdom.

  22. Gautami –

    I’m pleased… 😉

  23. Linda –

    Thank you… 😉 …you are most kind!

  24. John –

    I’m glad you liked this piece… 😉

    You are most welcome!

  25. Great verse that hits home. I am on board the Rob train.

  26. wise, wise words

  27. MBW –


    If only I could follow my own advice… 😉

  28. Jennifer H. –

    Why, why… thanks! 😉

  29. Fabulous. Love the message. I wasn’t inspired enough to write this week, but I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s. Your verse is always impressive.

  30. Rob you do have a habit of posting just what a girl needs to read on a Monday morning.
    Sending lots of good vibes your way,

  31. yeppers…don’t worry…be happy…sorry, after reading your beautiful thoughts..that song came to mind…

  32. Forgetful –

    Thank you… 😉

    Here is hoping your muse returns!

  33. Frances –

    Glad I could be of help… 😉

  34. LittleWing –

    Don’t worry, be happy should be my mantra — I tend to be drawn to melancholy.

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