The Poet




The Poet

(for Bill Moyers – you’ve a poet’s heart)

The poet’s eye is like our eye —
but it sees hidden secrets,
to reveal them for our sight.

The poet’s ear is like our ear —
yet it senses life’s most quiet,
to resound so we might hear.

The poet’s tongue is like our tongue —
but it speaks what is not spoken,
to become the voice of witness.

The poet’s hand is like our hand —
yet when it reaches out,
what it touches is our soul.

The poet’s heart is like our heart —
though it beats with pure enchantment,
and casts a magic spell!

rob kistner © 2007


The collage is entitled “Wonder” – by: rob kistner © 2007
• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on January 18, 2008.

20 Responses to “The Poet”

  1. This is wonderfully magical!!!

    loved it !

  2. All true Rob. We do sense the world in a different way.

  3. What a magic spell you’ve cast!

  4. The school I teach at was built into a mountain. My classroom is at the back of the building and the windows look out on that slope which is just a few feet away. When the sun hits the trees, it’s magical and I always say something like, Oh, look at that! The kids will go, “What? the woods? or What? the trees? Or All I see is tress and snow. I see gold and lemon and art and hope and …and…

    I totally agree with your well-said sentiment!

  5. Christy –

    You are most kind… 😉 …thank you!

  6. Brian –

    Others look, poets see. Others listen, poets hear. Others talk, poets witness. Others touch, poets feel.

    A poet’s heart beats to a different rhythm.

  7. STG –

    Abra Ca Dabra… 😉

  8. Linda –

    I’m pleased I struck a chord… 😉

    As I expressed to Brian above — poets a wired differently.

  9. That was magnificent. The emotion and wisdom you convey in such an economy of words never fails to leave me in awe and admiration for your craft. I share your deep respect for Bill Moyers. He is one of our last true journalists. long live PBS.

  10. Very nice!!! I love ‘The Poet’ for two reasons: the way it looks and the way it sounds when it’s read out loud.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Darling!

  11. You certainly DO cast a magic spell Rob!

  12. Ah, yes. Bill Moyers and PBS. Those are the very things that save us! Lovely poem – the words ring true and offer vibrant image and thought!

  13. So insightful. Another lovely verse.

  14. Herb –

    Thank you my friend, you are a tonic for my semi-chronic insecurity.

    I LOVED Bill’s book, “The Language of Life”. There was an accompanying PBS special of the same name, and the book is/was available on CD. I highly recommend both the book and the CD. Truly brilliant, captivating, and inspiring (a trifecta).

  15. Saadia –

    I’m pleased you were taken with this piece… thank you! 😉

    …and you are most welcome!

  16. Tumblewords –

    Thank you… 😉

    PBS forever!

  17. Keith –

    Appreciate the kind words…

  18. This is a great poem and there I can find a level of sensibility and sensitivity toward poetry as an art. Just love this work. You can meet me on

  19. I agree. there is something magic about this poem. it flows and speaks ever so wise. Kept me reading.

  20. Very nice. I like the cadence of it. I like that line, “…to become the voice of witness.”

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