the sunset gun is readied in his grip
quicksilver moon has set a hurried course
the golden orb has wearied from its trip
all is poised, his eyes fixed on the source

gaia reaches gently, into quiet space
while he locks her broad horizons in his sight
gaia pulls a veil of stars slowly ‘cross her face
but he has one last task before its night

he must set the sky ablaze, then he can sleep
broad strokes of coral orange and crimson red
the pattern must be bold, the color deep
so he aims the sunset gun, and blasts it overhead

in a brilliant flash the heavens light with fire
in rich and vivid hues, as if burning with desire

rob kistner © 2008




My piece entitled “Swoon”, access to which follows here, is one I posted a year ago on my original ‘Image & Verse’ blog. It was inspired by my wife, and also fits the prompt Desire quite well, but please — heed the following warning before you choose to read it.

WARNING! Sensuous poetry and image ahead. Recommended for mature readers. If you are not comfortable with adult sensuality, please do not click on the link that follows here. Thank you!

If you would like to be taken to the poem and image entitled “Swoon!” —
please CLICK here… and enjoy!

• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on January 24, 2008.

39 Responses to “Desire”

  1. Rob, thanks for the comment. If it’s all right with you, I may use it as the catalyst for a post.

    Beautiful poetry to match the picture.

  2. first let me comment here,, and then i will venture into the land of the “unmentionables”…..

    this was perfect rob,, in word and photo… the combination of the two… was simple perfection….

  3. That’s a really cool concept here, Rob. And the picture? To die for! Wow!

  4. Just returned from your swooning! Lovely parallel of sensual images. One thing spooks me a little, my response to “Desire” also mentions “golden orbs”. And I wrote my poem long before reading here!

    My favourite line in this poem is the last one – “burning with desire”. The word “burning” has such a symbolic, dramatic edge! Powerful!

    Great write!

    Smiles and Light

  5. Hi Rob,
    What I see in this poem and pic is the idea that nature is chaotic, unthinking, unemotional totally destroyed.
    How can we not see more in such an image?
    Science makes us miss so much. Beautiful.

  6. Loved the poem! This picture is breathtaking. ( I think you may have misspelled “course” second line down…?) I know, picky picky….

    I also liked last week’s fork in the road, but didn’t have a chance to comment on it.

  7. Brian –

    Thank you, and if I can serve as a step-muse — I’m thrilled and honored to do so! 😉

  8. Paisley –

    Wow — thank you… most gracious! 😉

  9. Susan –

    Thank you very much for your kind words… 😉

  10. Gemma –

    You know what they say about great minds… 😉

    I’m pleased you enjoyed the work. All of the visuals I describe in “Swoon” were inspired by an anniversary evening with my wife Kathy. We were in a small beach house, by the fireplace, on the Oregon Coast. Wonderful time — vivid memories!

  11. Anthony –

    I was seeing a wonderful natural order, almost mythological, in the sunset gun imagery.

    I am pleased you found it beautiful.

    Science is a mixed bag containing everything from the horrifying to the miraculous.

  12. Pepek –

    Thank you threefold… you words complimenting the two pieces I wrote were most gracious — and you are smarter than the ‘Spell Check’ on my computer!

    ‘Coarse’ slipped past twice… I paid enough for this damned computer — it should ‘know’ what I mean to write… 😉

  13. Gorgeous photo, Rob, and you did not shy away from finding words to match perfectly!

  14. That was nice, Rob. that must be apollo holding the gun, it’s a terrific representation. and that photo! my guess is the great southwest US (arizona by the looks of the cacti,) and I can attest to those fiestas.

  15. Glynis –

    Thank you… 😉

    Chronologically speaking, the photo came forth to match the words.

  16. Richard –

    Thank you!

    Most observant my friend! Saguaro cactus in the Sonoran Desert — Tucson, Arizona.

    I spent many an evening in Gates Pass, sitting atop the ridge on my Triumph Bonneville ‘650’, watching just such a heavenly spectacle.

  17. lovely imagery….. I will most definately try my hand at writing a piece on desire this week.

    I have a gift for you on my blogsite Rob. cheers.

  18. Awareness –

    Thank you… and a very special thanks for the kind recognition you have bestowed upon me — I am humbled. I will display it proudly.

  19. The photo is so good. Great metaphors in your poem.

  20. Gautami –

    Thank you for the kind words… 😉

  21. a spectacular photo and a beautiful poem – here via Dana, will return soon to read more.. Katie, 🙂

  22. Rainbow –

    Thank you… 😉 …and thanks to Dana.

  23. Hi Rob — glorious photo, and I love your poem. The
    image of a “sunset gun” is very cool. I also really
    love your “Swoon” poem — the artist and writer in you
    bring such beautiful sensitivity and appreciation
    to observing the world and people in your poetry.
    And thank you for the really nice comment on my blog!

  24. Clare –

    I thank you very much — you are gracious… 😉

    I enjoy your writing and your genuine clarity of heart and mind.

  25. Those last two lines are just gold Rob. I have always wanted to write something for Writers Island or Sunday Scribblings and then I read a piece like this and realise I am way out of my league. I just read Swoon as well and didn’t find at all offensive. In fact I thought it was stunningly beautiful.

  26. Gypsy –

    Thank you for the kind words… 😉

    Writers Island exists for the sheer love of writing… it doesn’t have to be poetry… just read the prompt and write what you feel.

    Try it, you might like it!

  27. The picture that was painted through words was excellent.

  28. Rambler –

    Thank you!

  29. Both “Swoon” and this are outstanding. You have a wonderful way with words.

  30. It does burn with desire; the poem and picture are so beautiful

  31. Wow! What a neat poem. Very neatly crafted, I could visualize each piece. Did I mention I really liked this? *g*

  32. Superb as usual! The photo creates, surely, the perfect response to the prompt!

  33. This is masterful. It so knocked me back, when I found it here on Saturday morning, that I’ve failed to produce anything new this week. (Well, that’s the excuse I’m sticking to.) We’ve had some glorious sunsets, but nothing to match this – beautiful photo too.

  34. Penelope –

    You are most kind… thank you! 😉

  35. Marja –

    Thank you very much… 😉

  36. Constance –

    You did mention that… and I genuinely appreciate your kind words! 😉

  37. Susan –

    You are always gracious… 😉

  38. Watermaid –

    You are most generous… thank you! 😉

    You can create a piece inspired by “Desire”, and post your link anytime you’d like — there is no deadline.

  39. Hi Rob I love the totally unique vision of a ‘sunset gun’ and great form too. Did you take that picture? Fantastic!!

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