Two very different interpretations of the concept of magic.





after all these years
she has the magic

to transport me
through time
and space

a card

has found its way
across the lonely miles
between us

opening it
my eyes fall upon
the magic word


a gentle whisper
to warm my soul

a brilliant sorceress
she’s cast her spell

I am spellbound
caught in a dream

she floats
across the years
into my arms
to wrap me
in warm embrace

in pure

she signs
“I love you Daddy!”
broad brushstrokes
across my heart

I close my eyes
and see again
my little girl
my precious firstborn
my beautiful daughter

swept away

my tears flow

rob kistner © 2008


illustration above entitled: “A Father’s Love”
by: rob kistner © 1997


• • •





is not
the possession of the artist

for art possesses

is not
solid or rigid

art is

does not
exist out there

art dwells deep within

as limitless
as those who behold it

is not
physical manifestation

it is

art is
the experience

is not
of this temporal plane

art is

art is
the magic of the soul
as witnessed by the spirit

rob kistner © 2008





abstract artwork in center of post entitled: “Paloos Twilight” – by: rob kistner © 1997
kinetic abstract immediately above entitled “As Tech” – by: rob kistner © 1999

• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on February 1, 2008.

30 Responses to “Magic”

  1. WOW,WOW,WOW, nice flow of words, thoughts, emotions. Picture matches well. It brings out so much in me as a daughter and as a mom.

  2. Raw sweetness in this poem that is utterly entrancing, reaching anyone rocked by the “division” of family growing up. A lovely way to express those feelings!

    Smiles and Light

  3. That image is luminous!

    And the poem? Amazing! You totally captured the moment!

  4. Beautiful words. As the father of 7 children I can identify with them.

  5. beautifully written. there’s like a child’s love to bring tears and sorrow to your eyes

  6. a very sweet poem…
    potrays the purest of emotions…loved it 🙂

  7. Both of the poems are wonderful.

  8. Gosh! What lovely pieces. The first one in particular is just beautiful.

  9. Both of these were lovely, different takes on the theme. But I loved the first one, especially: “she signs/“I love you Daddy!”/broad brushstrokes/across my heart”–so tender and sweet! Daughters are magical (and sons, too–but there’s something very special between fathers and daugters). Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Kudos! Superior match of visual and print. Blessings, Cricket

  11. it is an awesome gift that you have given light few realize… a rare quality of everlasting love a daddy can bless her daughter with .. as a girl/woman/mother/lover/friend, it makes my heart sing … for art’s sake, another great one…. art is art is art…it is everything you have spoken well of … oh, and your artwork flows down a river in a raft of light… thank you..

  12. I love both pieces. Kids are always there to show us the magic in everything we do. The second piece about art is so true I love it and I look forward to more of your posts.

  13. Children and art I can’t think of anything more magical. Both pieces are wonderful.

  14. I always enjoy your posts. Coming here is a treat!

  15. Rob,

    Magic defined in 2 many different ways with your words that cast magical spells as I read them. The first poem is touching. The second poem is enriching, defining art and the artist I could connect. When I paint, indeed art possess me. I allow the canvas, the paint, the brush to possess me – to express my soul.

    Yes, I’m back! And I have something posted for this week’s prompt.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  16. Lovely. Both your words and art are magical.

  17. truly beautiful description of two very magical subjects. I also touched on the love of our children Rob. I don’t think i understood magic till that day.
    Hope all is well with you and yours 🙂

  18. a gently whisper to warm my soul” I love that line and than the brushstrokes…. sight….you are the best Rob.
    I loved the other magical poem as well.

  19. Rob, for some reason my address is coming up wrong on the WI site and the link to my site says it can’t connect with the server. It worked fine last week, and the seek before….now it’s leaving off the @blogspotcom

    Is this something you can fix from your end? Nothing here seems to work.

  20. I read both poems with my little girl on my nap. Your first poem was incredibly beautiful and moving. The second one is perfection.

  21. Hi Rob! What a feast for the eyes, mind, heart and spirit! Your poetry and art are deeply moving, multi-dimensional experiences. “Spellbound” and “A Father’s Love” really touched me. And your poem “Art” along with the art pieces “Paloos Twilight” and “As Tech” are fantastic and capture the otherworldly quality of art and inspiration. Bravo. Oh, and Rob, I really like the new changes to Writers Island! Thank you.

  22. Very nice! I don’t see where the sentiments are that different – strong feelings abound.

  23. Rob – could you please email me at pclarke122 AT hotmail DOT com? Thanks.

  24. wow first one is just amazing 🙂

  25. where as both works are very heartfelt and beautiful,, i must admit i was touched most deeply by the first… i wish all fathers loved their daughters like you seem to love yours… what a wonderful thing that would be…..

  26. i enjoyed the first one – brings back the joy on my husband’s face everytime he sees our daughter…parenthood is indeed magical, thanks

  27. the father’s poem is indeed quite beautiful and touching. the feelings described can be genderless as I, as a woman, can relate to it completely.

    the second one….right on the mark.

    as always, excellent….

  28. your first poem is full of love and beauty. i know that feeling because i’m typing this comment with one hand as my youngest is laying on my right arm! i love how you depicted art as coming from within, it truly has to be one with you!

  29. two magical pieces. the first one is very emotional. a relationship that will never be broken, imo. parent and child. it touches my heart, really.

    the second poem is a magical personification of ART. what an enjoyable read 🙂

  30. Although I am not the first born, but I am an only girl amongst three brothers. My dad and I had a very special relationship. Your first poem got to me straight to my heart. My dad is no longer there physically. In a way, he has never left me either. Every moment I think of him every moment, I feel his presence.

    Second one too is very good. I joined an art appreciation course for the very reason you mentioned here.

    Thanks for two great reads.

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