Losing Aaron




Losing Aaron
(In loving memory of my son Aaron Robert Kistner)

there are those
still here
who need my steady presence

for them
I remain

I make no apology


at a sound
a thought
a moment
a memory

at any time
I collapse within
and shudder
in soul-felt sorrow

I still miss you son

I miss your warm smile
your peaceful eyes
your easy laugh
your kindness
your strength
your youth
your beauty
your innocence

your gentle way

I miss your arms
around me
that final time
we embraced

expressing our love

I am eternally thankful
for that last time

in the painful days
in the tearful nights

I’m thankful
for you

that I got to know you

to see the wonder & excitement
in your eyes as a child

to feel the warmth
and love
that you wrapped ‘round me

to experience
your love of sport
your love of singing
a gift we shared

I got to watch you grow

to blossom
into a caring
handsome young man
of 18 years

my sweet Aaron

in loosing you
a tender part of me

after all these years

in the empty
dark times

‘tween dusk
and dawn

I still bargain
my life
for your second chance

to know again

you will be
forever loved
forever missed

my precious son

rob kistner © 2008



~ by Image&VerseToo on February 22, 2008.

25 Responses to “Losing Aaron”

  1. Oh Rob, we can offer our love.


  2. such heartache, such love

  3. I too have lost someone dear (my mother). Rememberance is what keeps the intangible; tangible.

  4. I know very well of “the empty angry dark times ‘tween dusk and dawn” that you speak of because I have lost two children as well (altho I did not have mine as long as you had yours). My heart ached for you reading this and, yes, with each loss a part of your heart dies with that child. I send you much love and blessings as one who deeply understands your loss…

  5. Incredibly heart-felt. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. An absolutely beautiful write! Yes! Memories are a tangible way of keeping the unfathomable close!
    O so lovely! (I know repetition! But it touches on so many soft memories for me too!)

    Smiles and Light

  7. Rob, thank you for writing this. Your love for him seeps through. He lives in your heart. No one can take that away from you.


  8. this was heartbreaking… but ever so loving… we will in this life experience many deaths,, but there will be relatively few in who’s place we would offer our own life… to me.. that is the definition of love.

  9. A very tender and heartfelt piece. Thank you for sharing these very personal thoughts.

  10. I don’t know that I have ever read anything more loving, my heart goes out to you and your loss.

  11. I am so sorry you lost your beloved son. What a wonderful tribute to him. Your love for him shines through.

  12. I like that you celebrate his life with this lovely poem. I hope these words reach him. A very heart warming poem.

  13. Hugs and love, Rob. No parent should ever go through with it…but remember, he lives through you…i am .so sorry for your loss

  14. such a lovely poem and tribute to your beautiful son.

  15. and you touched it. Even those of us who only touch it through you. lovely.

  16. to know again

    Amazing Rob, such strong emotions

  17. **reaching for another hankie** very powerful Rob… what is truly amazing is that your son Aaron is still with you so strong regardless of time… and yes, when i read the bargain.. his life for yours… my heart ached outloud…that’s the killer when those thoughts appear… if only… how can the pain of loving be so strong as when we lose them too soon.. thank you Rob your love for your son Aaron is truly beautiful…

  18. Your love and grief screams out in these words. My heart goes out to you.

  19. How very sad. I know the sadness and regret in losing a child through miscarriage but that’s not the same. I can only imagine.

  20. You’ve been tagged!

  21. This is without a doubt the most beautiful tribute I have ever read. As a parent my heart aches for you. At the same time I admire you for keeping the joy along with the sadness. A beautiful write!

  22. Thank you all for the kind words.

  23. We have an old saying in India – that those nearest to God are the first to be called
    This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Oh.

  25. Oh my. I couldn’t thet through that without crying. Its truly beautiful.

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