if you embrace your imperfect self

accept your limitations

admit your fears and weakness

recognize that nothing’s easy

concede you don’t have all the answers

acknowledge some will call you fool

know that love has many flaws

understand you’ll lose your way

and realize that you may fail

yet strive
for all your worth
to live your dreams

you are empowered

rob kistner © 2008



~ by Image&VerseToo on February 29, 2008.

17 Responses to “Empowered”

  1. For sure. Nicely done, Rob!

  2. Words to live by. Thank you!

  3. This is so true. You can’t please all the people all the time, so just get on with it.

  4. Perfect advice!
    I shall pass it on…

  5. I’ll try to remember this!

  6. nice one Rob..

  7. Beautiful poem, very well said!

  8. Very nicely put. Wish we all could believe it.

  9. Nothing’s easy indeed… very well written


  10. I take your wisdom, Rob.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  11. This is one of those that I ought to cut out and tape to my refrigerator. Especially today, when I’m in the dumps. Thanks; it’s helped pull me out of them.

  12. Agreed!

  13. I appreciated your comment on my piece for “Empowered”, and was thankful that you had left it, as I had found your blog the other night, yet forgot to bookmark the page! =/ I’ve remedied that now, and look forward to returning. Now then, … after reading over your version of “Empowered”, I can say that I can relate to everything that was said. Afterall, … anything that is worth anything in life is worth going through all the hurdles, hardships, …pushing and striving forward even when your not sure how its all going to end up. The most we can do is to continue to move forward, believing in ourselves, and allowing things to happen as they are meant to happen… and not lose faith in the ability to realize our dreams. In other words,… I commend you for writing this piece as its something that I think we all can relate too.

  14. i must put this on my desk..to look at every day…i must…

    this is one advice i would love taking…

  15. I like this embracing of the imperfect self…perfect in its wisdom.

  16. Very inspiring! I like the pause before …. yet strive …. for all your worth… to live your dreams. Well done!

  17. Ha! We were thinking along the same lines, weren’t we? Good stuff!

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