like a despot crowned
you try to cut me down

to kneel in the mire
battered spirit
broken trust

with your power flexed
you want see me vexed

to cower in the shadows
wrapped in pity
racked with fear

you believe I’m meek
misread patience to mean weak

you see me as a coward
lacking courage
without heart

you’re certain I will fall
that you’ll be standing tall

you’ve loosed your prideful plan
cold and callous
full of spite

you’re confident you’ll win
so sure I will give in

surrender to a fate
of cruel defeat
devoid of hope

but I’ve been here before
I understand the score

I know how to counter
to stand firm
to hold my place

I am surviving still
you can never break my will

I am battle tested
I’m resilient
and surprising

your attack only brings
freshened winds ‘neath my wings

I will soar forever
you will lose
see here —

I’m rising

. . .

rob kistner © 2008



• • •



Sailin’ the Wind

in our skyships

sailin’ the wind

sunday morning brings us
miles from earthbound

sailin’ the wind

keeping kite time

we summon the wind

to a gentle lady’s breeze
of ocean

sailin’ the wind

up among the clouds
I see my face miles below

tugging on the string
a travelin’ thing in my soul

I’ve got half a mind
to close my eyes
and let the string go

sailin’ the wind

bring your kite lines
to join us

and summon the wind

we’ll be watching a sad sea
and starbound

sailin’ the wind

we’ll be watching from on high
and rising

sailin’ the wind

from our skyships
starbound together

sailin’ the wind

. . .

lottermoser, loggins & kistner © 1973/2008

(recorded by Loggins & Messina on their “Full Sail” album, 1973 – I added last two stanzas)


collage at top of post is entitled “Always Rising” – by: rob kistner © 2008

• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on March 7, 2008.

16 Responses to “Rising”

  1. Good verse and fine ’empowering’.

  2. I could hear the music under this as I read….

  3. Rob,

    This piece is inspiring. The innate human spirit to rise, our will power to stand up each time we fall. It’s human nature, but it takes so much courage to say I will.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  4. Thank you for sharing, speaks in volumes,

  5. Wow! Very well done and powerful!

  6. I like the way you show that the oppression empowers the oppressed.

    (and thanks for stopping by- obviously, I was afraid some would be offended!)

  7. A strong will cannot be put down.
    You put it well.

  8. Love the image of September,”keeping kite time together”.

    Just beautiful!

  9. What a neat picture. 🙂 Good poem, I like the form you gave it, helps draw you and and keep you reading to the end. 🙂

  10. wonderful collage… I like the idea of sailing in skyships

  11. Your words are powerful…and you are such an inspiring man. So glad you decided to keep our group together because we’re meeting more and more uplifting, empowering people.

    Your collage is amazing! I like the visions that “skyships” make in my head. It takes me someplace far from this crazy world. Keep on keepin’ on!

  12. great collage. i like both. very inpiring post.

    get going

  13. I liked the confidence in the words “you will lose”

  14. two very uplifting and gracious poems… the emotion in the first poem gladed my heart.. the 2nd was inspiring… and the collage.. i think it was the escalators… very enlightnening post…

  15. Both gorgeous pieces…full of conviction and confidence.

  16. Rob, your College is great. It’s beautiful. Reminds me of Harry Potter.{-(
    I like the first poem the most. Maybe because of it’s dark undertones and power. Your second poem made me fill like a child again. Carefree. Excellent work.


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