Earth (celebrate Earth Day 2008)




Gaia Suite

• • •

The Balance

mother gaia
you embrace us

carry us safely

as we hurtle
thousands of miles
every hour
of every day

through infinite space

you provide for us
our every need

sustain our bodies
with your abundance

nurture our spirits
with your beauty
and endless wonders

your need is simple

that we live in balance
with your rhythms

with our fellow travelers
on this amazing journey

that we know gratitude

humble stewards
of your countless gifts

for millennium
upon millennium
we lived
in harmony



but we’ve grown arrogant

we believe
we have dominion
over you

over all in your realm

in pursuit of intellect
we lost our sense

our equilibrium

lost our way

even as we watch you suffer
we cling to our ego

to our destructive delusion
of supremacy

we do not see
do not understand

please forgive us

be patient

do not forsake us
we can learn

we must learn

love for you
is still strong
among your wayward children

this voice of love
cries out

please listen

it resonates
more loudly
with the passing of time

precious mother gaia

grant us time
to again find our way
our humility
our center

the balance

• • •




Gaia Weeps


man seeks dominion

frail balance has been disturbed

gaia is weeping

• • •




Gaia Yields


seeds push seeking sun

sky is pulling with spring rain

gaia yields new life

• • •




• • •

rob kistner © 2008


artwork at top entitled “Gaia•Evo (earth evolving)” by: rob kistner © 1997
artwork at bottom entitled “Gaia Yields” by: rob ksitner © 2007

• • •



~ by Image&VerseToo on April 21, 2008.

37 Responses to “Earth (celebrate Earth Day 2008)

  1. You bring the planet to life!
    Not that it wasn’t but with a voice…well, you know what I mean…hehe
    Merry Christmas!

  2. very well thought pieces. particularly feel “gaia weeps”. strong words and imageries. despite everything, mother earth never fails to show love to humanity.

    merry christmas

  3. we have become arrogant haven’t we?

  4. I mean the human race has become arrogant towards the earth, I realised after I posted that comment above that it could be misread. Sorry.

  5. Very good writing, Rob! I just found Writer’s Island yesterday and it is neat to see how people all have such different takes on the topics when writing from the prompts.

    Thanks for your comment on my site. It is very interesting to see how you and I say almost the exact same thing in response to this weeks prompt, but in such different styles!


  6. Rob,

    The strong elements of the images and the verses aligned in this post perfectly creating magic. The images left a spark in my eyes, the verses brush a genial whisk in my heart I am moved.

    We can do something with the little power we have in our hands combined.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  7. Wonderful perspective! Wish I had written it. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your holiday!

  8. very eloquently stated rob…..

    merry christmas…..

  9. We traveled similar paths this week.

    The images offset your very powerful words perfectly.

  10. Very beautifully told, Rob.

  11. All the offerings were very lovely in prose and thought. The pictures don’t hurt a thing either.

  12. Beautiful as always Rob. May 2008 bring much health & happiness to You & Yours.

  13. What a wonderful combination of words and pictures. Once again a stunning piece

  14. Happy New Year my friend.
    I hope to cross pens with you more frequently in 2008.

  15. Jen –

    The planet has a voice… and right now it cries for help!

  16. Totomai –

    Gaia has been remarkably resilient and forgiving… but I firmly believe there is point of no return. I hope we have not passed it!

  17. Juliet –

    Yes, humankind is capable of incredible arrogance… have mercy on us!

  18. Juliet –

    Your message was most clear, an shared… 😉

  19. Will –

    Thank you… I’m pleased you found the island.

    It takes many varied voices to create a beautiful chorus.

  20. Jeques –

    I’m pleased this touched you… and yes, we have the power to reverse our destructive ways — but do we have the wisdom and resolve to do so in time?

    For the sake of our children’s children’s children — I must believe we will find both.

  21. Lissa –

    Thank you… 😉

    If this piece speaks to you, I invite you to embrace it as your own.

  22. Paisley –

    Thank you… 😉

  23. Robin –

    I appreciate your kind words… 😉

  24. Gautami –

    Thank you… 😉

  25. Mary T –

    You are gracious… 😉

  26. Redness –

    My gratitude… 😉

  27. Keith –

    You are most generous… thank you!

  28. Rel –

    My hope as well…

  29. I love the tale of the journey; the beginning when the earth was fresh, new and vibrant, the middle when the humans are chewing it up and spitting it out, to now. Hopefully, we have not realized our gluttony too late.

  30. Will Think –

    Thank you for your kind words… 😉

    Yes, I hope we are not past the tipping point.

  31. well done. i especially liked the ending, “grant us time to again find our way, our humility, our center.” the fate of the planet lies in us finding our way once again.

    to Gaia.

  32. Rebecca –

    I genuinely believe we are closer to the ‘tipping point’ than many would like to be accept — but I also believe humankind is not a lost cause… but I think this generation must start the return to balance, and the next two generations need to see it through.

    Here’s to a real change — and not just rhetoric! 😉

  33. What a stunning note of gratitude to one of the most important spirits in OUR universe – Mother Gaia / Earth

    I will read your thank you words and plea aloud and hope she hears us.

    I enjoyed both your posts so very much. Thank you.

  34. wow. that was beautiful.
    and i couldnt agree more.
    its slow and painful death.
    and we all have to do our part to ensure its not all lost.
    i believe we can. i need to believe we can.

  35. Amarettogirl –

    Thank you very much, and that’s wonderful that you are engaged by the work… 😉

  36. San –

    I’m pleased you liked this… 😉

    We most certainly can, if we can put arrogance and ego aside, and return to the humility and true power of essential balance.

  37. Impressive.
    Very impressive and very well done.

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