Lion 1 (Bucephalus): Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open.
Lion 2 (not yet named) : Eric at Scattered Chatter.
Lion 3 (Tirso) : exskindiver at Skin Diving.
Lion 4 (Simha) : Deepthi at Locution.
Lion 5 (Kashgar) : Absolute Vanilla at Absolute Vanilla… (&Atyllah).
Lion 6 (Eugene) : Seamus at Shameless Words.
Lion 7 (Pareto) : KGT at When I Wax.
Lion 8 (Blue) : Roberta at Turn the Page.
Lion 9 (Zaccharias) : Remiman at Under The Microscope.
Lion 10 (Cheshire) : Neil at Neil Hester.
Lion 11 (Elliot) : Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes.
Lion 12 (Leah) : Ms.Mephistopheles at Think Of The Devil And Her Horns Appear.
Lion 13 (Vermillion) : Apprentice at My Gap Year.
Lion 14 (Leonardo) : Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso.
Lion 15 (Endelyn) : Verilion at A Wanderer In Paris.
Lion 16 (Kaleidoscope) : Shelli at Shelli’s Sentiments.
Lion 17 (Leon The Lion) : Pure Sunshine at Virtual Crossroads.
Lion 18 (Alexander) : Vesper at Chick With A Quill.
Lion 19 (Florian) : Catherine at Still Standing On Her Head.
Lion 20 (Barbarossa) : Frank at Books Inq.
Lion 21 (Lorenza) : LMN at Failed Painter.
Lion 22 (Caradoc) : Clare at Keeper Of The Snails.
Lion 23 (Baz Lyon) : Derek at TypingSpace.
Lion 24 (Johnny Cash) : Jessica at Jessica Schneider.
Lion 25 (Azubuike) : Jamaican Dawta at Life, Unscripted, On The Rock.
Lion 26 (Cardamom) : Jon at Writing In A Vacuum.
Lion 27 (Raga) : Cailleach at Barbara’s Bleeuugh!
Lion 28 (Mr Mellow Yellow) : Susan at Writing Passions.
Lion 29 (Bragi) : Minx at The Inner Minx.
Lion 30 (Roary) : Bonnie at Words From A Wordsmith.
Lion 31 (Louis) : Dewey at The Hidden Side Of A Leaf.
Lion 32 (HM Arthur Winston) : WA at The Unending Journey of the Wandering Author.
Lion 33 (Zion) : Jill at Wordsmith Extraordinaire.
Lion 34 (Nin) : The Bluest Butterfly at A Virtual Hobby Store And Coffee Shop.
Lion 35 (Heart Of Oak) : Wilf at Wilf’s World.
Lion 36 (Ari) : Lo at Terminal Chaosity.
Lion 37 (Alfie) : Sarah at Sarah’s Writing Journal.
Lion 38 (Homer) : Meloney at Meloney Lemon.
Lion 39 (Lucidus Keen) : LJCohen at Once In A Blue Muse : A Poet’s Journal.
Lion 40 (Durgapriya) : Durga at The Outsider.
Lion 41 (Aloysius the hidden) : Julie Carter at Carter’s Little Pill.
Lion 42 (Viaggiatore) : Wanderlust Scarlett at from the shores of introspect and retrospect.
Lion 43 (Shimshon) : Debi at Debi Alper.
Lion 44 (Kauri) : Chief Biscuit at As It Happens.
Lion 45 (Ecanus) : Kat at Kat’s Random Thoughts.
Lion 46 (Artheo) : Rob at Image & Verse.
Lion 47 (Odin) : Nothingman at A Story A Day.
Lion 48 (Ghufran) : Pearl at Humanyms.


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