A Brother’s Love




A Brother’s Love

She left her manor home and family.
He promised her a life of love and joy.
Then he took her far across the sea.
Once there, she learned his promise was a ploy.
His intent was to defraud her of her wealth,
then abandon her, to struggle on her own.
In time, his cruel deceit destroyed her health.
Ashamed, she took her life, and died alone.

Her brother learned about this evil man,
and flew into an angry, vicious state.
He then laid out a cunning, deadly plan,
and vowed he would revenge his sister’s fate.
Sweet memories of his sister filled his head,
as he tracked the bastard down, and shot him — dead!

rob kistner © 2008

• • •



34 Responses to “A Brother’s Love”

  1. Good on that brother! I wrote about a brother today, too. Hmmm. Nice poem, for sure.

  2. Great! Infact, I was reading a novl to something similar to this!

    Your sonnet contains all the elements of a novel..

    love in a sonnet

  3. love ended in death for both sister and brother…how sad

  4. there is an old saying that goes something like this
    ‘the only man a girl can count on is her daddy’
    that isn’t always true, and i think it’s more often true
    that the one she can count on is her brother

    this poem speaks of that powerful love and the protective instinct that brothers have when it comes to their sisters.

    sad but beautiful

  5. very nice rob… and they are still out there i presume?????

  6. Phew! revenge, an honour killing to boot and powerfully written.

  7. yes, very of its time, vengeful, bloodthirsty.

  8. Great story! And I like the sonnet format for it because it gives it an old-fashioned flair.

  9. I don’t knfow whether to laugh or cry. Probably a little bit of both. It reads like a penny novel. Loved it.

  10. Echoes of Robert Service, good job.

  11. Oh my. You shocked me at the end of the poem. But, you probably wanted to do that.

  12. This is wonderful! Old fashioned in a modern sort of way!

  13. Tumblewords –

    Never mess with a sister, if she has a bother. My son Justin (29) has a fiercely powerful protective nature for his older sister (35). I have witnessed in action.

  14. Gautami –

    Thank you… it was a short story in sonnet form… 😉

  15. Pauline –

    Only the unfortunate sister died — the brother righteously avenged her death… 😉

  16. Christy –

    Bittersweet… 😉

    Note my response to Tumblewords above.

  17. Paisley –

    Thank you… 😉

    Loving protective brothers still exist.

  18. STG –

    Thank you! I packed it is full as I could… 😉

  19. Jo –

    Those are two traits that have been part of the fabric of an since time began, with regard to protecting family.

  20. Linda –

    I was after a retro kind of feeling.

    I am glad you liked it… 😉

  21. Annieelf –

    I tried to capture a vintage feel.

    I am pleased you enjoyed it… 😉

  22. Mike –

    “Dangerous Dan McGrew”… thank you for the compliment!

  23. Shari –

    It was a textual exclamation mark… hope I didn’t shock you too much.

  24. Keith –

    Thank you!

    ‘Retro’ verse…

  25. Once again — wonderful!

  26. Yikes! What brought this on Rob?
    This one surprised me.
    Happy Sunday

  27. Chris –

    Thank you.

  28. Frances –

    I was drawn to a ‘retro’ kind of feel, with classic villain, damsel in distress, and hero — but I had to write it so it would play well on cable… 😉

    I also wrote it in one of my painful back spasm periods that I’m ‘blessed’ with 2 or 3 times a year — so I was cranky. And, I do not enjoy be ‘boxed’ into traditional poetry forms — so this was my rebellion against writing a sonnet… 😉

  29. Vengeance feels so sweet – in words.

  30. Great story of sibling chivalry, with a touch of violence thrown in for good measure. Each visit here brings new and delightful surprises.

  31. Anthony –

    Don’t mess with a guy’s sister… 😉

  32. Herb –

    Thank you… but do you think it’s too tame for cable? 😉

  33. Great sonnet! And the accompanying image is gorgeous.

  34. Allyson –

    Thank you very much… you are kind! 😉

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