subjugated life
captive for our amusement
but whose pet are we

• • •

rob kistner © 2008



be a humble, caring human, or — he will come…



16 Responses to “Dominion”

  1. In the case of me and my cats, I’m not sure who is subjugated to who. It’s a good question. I don’t think of my cats as pets, I think of them as companions and while they may amuse me I don’t see that as their function. I tend to be rather judgmental about people who treat their fur friends as toys that they can play with when they feel like it. Obviously the power of your poem’s question has made me feel defensive. But I’m actually pretty serious when I say that I think I’m as much their “pet” as they are mine.

  2. ..thought provoking..thanks

  3. Raven / Zoya –

    This haiku is not political, it is just food for thought. When considering dominion, how does humankind find balance and humility?

  4. this can be read on several levels which is what makes it powerful.

  5. I suspect sometimes that the captives have turned their situation around by captivating us.

    Thanks for this poem.

  6. Hi… I’m glad I popped back Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds had not made his appearance yet last night. He must be related to Angel. Perhaps they trained together in people mastery school. I didn’t really experience your poem as political – it’s just a very powerful and difficult question – and one worth asking.

  7. My pets are members of the family. However, it is clear that I am their slave. I serve quite willingly!

  8. One good question that!

  9. Your poem reminds me of when i first read ‘Brave new World’ many years ago.

  10. I agree. I am pretty sure that the animals are running our house.

  11. Fluffy is adorable!! He has that look of a master.

  12. Ok, this has to be the cutest picture I have ever seen!

  13. Brilliant question. I know my “pet” is no one’s.

  14. Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. I don’t think they ever forgot this.


  15. I had a cat once named Jasmine, and loved her dearly. I never thought about it at the time as being a question of equality-we were both free spirits.
    I enjoyed your Haiku.

  16. dominiono makes me think of start trek DS9.. another story.. always consider the way of things… especially when i see hunters and their prizes on the walls.. but the real story of our pets, i love and cherish them.. it is hard to tell them this is my house ya know… awesome post, as always… thank you

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