WARNING! Sensuous poetry and image. Recommended for mature readers.
If you are not comfortable with adult sensuality, please do not continue further.






Eyes glide luxurious flesh,

tracing the soft edge of dark and light

where the moon fondles your form,

folding itself upon you through the open window.

Eyes embrace full measure your lyrical essence,

lost in the silken tangles of your hair,

radiant in back-light,

fanning in soft wisps your graceful neck.

Eyes linger on eager bud of tender breast,

pause, entranced by the velvet flower

sensuously shadowed in satin cleft,

where supple limb meets supple limb.

Enraptured by this vision, sweet aglow,

I swoon, and swell to bursting – intoxicated!

rob kistner © 5/6/97



16 Responses to “”

  1. this was lovely,, and not the least bit nsfw in my opinion… such love is not in any form irreverent,, and i believe it is a portion of that which might choose to call it irreverent that strangles us as a people… i loved it…..

  2. Really luscious! But my favourite line in this feast for the senses must be “radiant in the back-light”. Somehow, this line seems to stand alone in its own almost innocent beauty; and yet does not detract from the whole experience!

    Just beautiful!

    Smiles and Light

  3. Paisley –

    Thank you… you are genuine! 😉

    It is, in every way, a heartfelt love poem to my wife.

  4. Gemma –

    I’m pleased you found this poem engaging. It was inspired by a luscious, creative, loving woman… 😉

  5. I wish someone had written this about me! It is beautiful. Awareness sent me.

  6. Kenju –

    Thank you… and maybe someone did write something quite similar, but perhaps, never committed it to paper… 😉

  7. I love the image of the moon “folding itself upon you through the open window.” This poem is tastefully done and not objectionable at all! Even the shape of it is sensuous!

  8. Hi Rob — this is such an incredibly beautiful poem. It is
    the epitome of love, delight, and admiration for a partner,
    written from the heart and filled with radiant life. And I second
    what Paisley said.

  9. Linda –

    I’m pleased you found it tasteful… 😉 it was written with authentic love and appreciation of my wife.

  10. Clare –

    You are most kind, and I thank you… I’m pleased you enjoyed this piece. 😉

  11. That was truly beautiful and a precious gift to your wife. Dana sent me and I’m very glad she did.

  12. Gypsy –

    Thank you… 😉

  13. You have managed to universalize something intensely personal. Your wife is a lucky lady.

  14. Watermaid –

    Thank you!

    There may even be some days when my wife would agree with you… 😉

  15. Lovely work of art – sensuous blend of words painting a portrait that provokes and celebrates desire infused with love and admiration.

    The picture of heaven burning in desire is awesome – the image & the verse competes in complementing each other!

    Satiates desire for iamge & verse, indeed! 🙂

  16. After reading Swoon, I felt like weeping. Damn the prudish years in which I as born, grew to adulthood and married a man reared by parents even more prudish than mine. Damn my eventual decay into old age without ever experiencing anything akin to “Swoon”.

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